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Cool Sculpting - Weston, FL

I'm nervous about it. Having it done in a week and...

I'm nervous about it. Having it done in a week and a day. What should I do before or prepare for that day ? Would like to share my experience with you and know more from those who done it. How their progress is and what your doing ? Haven't met the doctor but I see everything is through his assistant.

Finally done

My experience was great. I met the doctor this week. Very nice everything. His asst was awesome. Right now. Just feels like sunburn, putting on girdle tonight. Hoping for great results.
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met. Only the assistant.

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A very hard expensive lesson to learn for me at lease because I spent the money and ended up doing lipo anyways.
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A month later. Lost half an inch. To me I'd rather see more. I still feel the same. The tingling feeling is gone. Decided that the only way I can get this extra fat off is lipo vaser ultimately I am going back to my tummy tuck surgeon. He guaranteed I will see my results right away. This waiting period is a killer and maybe cool sculpting works. I just want my results now. And I also feel I had a lot of fat and for the results I want lipo is it.
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Dont forget to take your peronal before and after pictures to see your progress. I noticed my waist was changing but I wasn't fully aware of the difference until I took a picture wearing the same pants and THERE you see a difference.
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My best advice would be: do not hold your stomach in when they put the devise, just let go of your belly, it feels odd but not painful. If you resist you are only risking the devise not attaching properly to your skin.
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I agree. Relax your belly so the machine can grab as much fat as possible. If you tense up, it won't grab as much and your tech may need to reapply the suction.
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Try not to be too nervous! do something calming and relaxing beforehand, bring things to do during the duration (I watched Netflix on my iPad) and relax during the initial application. I think what can cause more pain is being very tense.
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you can look at my review by clicking my profile. I'm only two weeks out.
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