Surgery scars

Following a cervicofacialplasty revision with Dr....

Following a cervicofacialplasty revision with Dr. Oscar Ramirez, unfortunately I was left with stretched scars in front of my ear, tension in the temple area and a sweep over the jawline. Thusfar Dr. Ramirez did not offer any solutions. The signs of surgery are difficult to cover up, and as such the experience has been rather stressful. It has been difficult to obtain operative notes.


Earlobes moved forward/downwards, which are telltale signs of surgery. The sweep is better, however, you see that the skin is bunching up towards the ear and I lost all definition in the jaw angle, scars are a bit better, but still stretched and visible. All over it is just very visible that a facelift was performed once if I don't cover up my ears completely.

1+ year PO

After surgery with Dr. Oscar M. Ramirez, FL

After surgery with Dr. Oscar Ramirez, FL

After surgery with Dr. Oscar M Ramirez, FL

After surgery with Dr. Oscar M. Ramirez


Permanent suture poking through skin

Well, talking about coincidence, but a new issue of the surgery developed. A permanent suture that was apparently used at the back of the ear, has come up. I had a small wound and some irritation/hotness/swelling developing at the back of my ear the past month. I didn't think too much of it, until I realized this morning it was rather big. When I touched the area, I could feel something and heard a sound. I realized then already it was a permanent suture.

I realized since I had this experience before after surgery with Dr. Ramirez. I then asked if he could not use permanent sutures, and where they were located. I still have his reply per email, which was that in the decades he had performed surgery he had never had any patient question his use of sutures. Well, that was that. I feel I didn't question his use of sutures, I did ask what the side-effect of those permanent sutures could be, however, and felt I had reason to ask.

Problematic is that the suture is quite long, and when I carefully pull on it to see if it will come out, I can feel tension/slight pain that seems to travel towards the lower part of the ear. By lack of better means (finances) I've visited the weekend physician, who thought the area needs to be opened up completely to get the suture out. In fact, he said given my previous experience, most likely all need to come out. He said I need the medical records to know better where the suture was used - but Dr. Ramirez has refused to give part of my medical records for a year as mentioned, so that makes things certainly more difficult. Problematic in addition is that I don't have enough skin to open up and close again, and that I don't have the finances to see a good PS, let alone one who could open this up and use a tissue expander to close the skin again - although the tissue expander would have to be used before opening up, and my physician is worried I might get an infection if the suture is not removed on short notice.

All in all, I'm not content, worried and I wish sincerely I could turn back time, before I underwent surgery with Dr. Ramirez. All the comments I have received that this would not be my own pictures, posters subscribing to a forum to moments later discredit my experience and so on, make this all the more challenging and stressful. I hope those that do post those negative comments will realize that.

Suture poking through skin

1+ year post-op

As mentioned, I felt intimidated by the fact a member would specifically sign up to post discrediting comments about my experience and me. An experience I had before when I posted pictures - up until statements the pictures would not be mine. It results in stress, next to a problematic result, reason I took down my pictures. However, I feel I should be able to post them.


I received another email from Dr. Ramirez' attorney. Perhaps not a surprise given the fact I have been posting here about what I encountered.
In the court files it is visible what is going on in detail. I've felt forced not to state what happened with Dr. Ramirez, since Dr. Ramirez has threatened to sue me if I do. Dr. Ramirez has stated I have defamed him with the mentioned comments; I claim they were the truth.
In addition I received an email of Dr. Ramirez ex-wife. For privacy reasons I will not mention her name here. She has stated we have never communicated after a brief and friendly conversation in 2013. And that if I was haunted with defaming comments, as I said I am, perhaps someone else might have posted them 'using my name" (i.e.: her name).
Yet, she sent me an email February 5th 2014, in which she discussed my comments on the internet, stating things would 'end bad' , and referring multiple times to "karma", and 'what goes around comes around', as she now did again. This was the same night that some comments appeared on the internet, defaming me, when I posted about a problematic result of Dr. Ramirez' surgery searching for answers and solutions.
I've felt depressed the past years given Dr. Ramirez' approach, and that continues. I wish I was never recommended to undergo surgery with him by his girlfriend (who as mentioned was posting on the internet and emailed me personally as being 'just his patient') and regret my decision a lot.


This is the email I received from Dr. Ramirez' ex-wife, Feb. 5th 2014. (As mentioned, for privacy concerns I erased part of her personal information). I received her email the same night defaming comments had been posted about me on the internet, when I had posted about problems I experienced after surgery with Dr. Ramirez.
Yet, she mentioned in a recent email we had never communicated per email/on the internet - with the exception of a friendly email conversation in 2013. In this email she states Dr. Ramirez did not know she was writing me. Yet, she gave information in her email that she could have never known. Personal as well as patient information only Dr. Ramirez knew.

As mentioned, this will end in a legal case, and I believe the goal is to ensure I can't post about what happened and Dr. Ramirez' conduct. I am determined to tell what happened, however, and involve media if I get silenced. Since I've encountered many things I never expected to encounter - all the conduct I ran into with any surgeon, that I feel at moments entailed dangerous and worrisome conduct, and was in conflict with regulations.


Hospital staff abroad seems to be unaware Dr. Ramirez performed surgery in their own hospital (!)and does not want to acknowledge Dr. Ramirez performed surgery.
Dr. Oscar Ramirez

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