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Very Pleased Right Now! - Westminster, CO

Went to the same place I had the juvederm for...

Went to the same place I had the juvederm for nasolabial folds that had been bothering me. She used one syringe and spread a numbing cream on my face. Barely hurt...the juve in my lips was worse-but that wasn't bad either. She used 1 syringe for both sides, folds are almost entirely done-I could probably use a half syringe more (maybe) but I'm waiting to see how I like it like this. One side was deeper than the other so my left is gone and still a tiny bit visible on my right, but much much better. This is the extent of things I was unhappy with for now.

I will return for touch ups for both lips and folds whenever they are needed. I'm almost 33-bad skin genes though!I'm going to try and take a photo, but it'll only be after-just got a camera!No bruising or any visible swelling-unlike the juvederm on lips I would have been fine going anywhere an hour or two later (as soon as I could smile again-I have a hard time not smiling!)

Hi aka,

Welcome to the Restylane community. That's smart of you to be on the more cautious side by only  having a bit, and going back for more when you know if you like it or not. Better safe than sorry. It's been a few days since your review how's everything looking? Yes we would love to see after pictures! Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


Medi Spa in Westminster (Gail)

Willing to give advice, always shows before and after photos. Recommended resty based on price, my age and what I was looking for-I was actually thinking juvederm in this area too, but went with the resty as it is a bit firmer and am satisfied.

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