Lets try this again.. Hoping to schedule with Dr. Hughes in LA

As most of you are, I am also addicted to...

As most of you are, I am also addicted to realself! I have my consultation in two days and I'm so nervous! I just want to hear all the right things and be able to schedule a BBL so I can continue my fitness journey and when I get thin I'd like to have a mini tummy tuck to get rid of my extra skin. But for now, just a bbl while I still have the fat.
What questions should I ask!? I live in a small town so there are only a few surgeons who even do BBLs here.. I really like the guy who I have my first consult with because I have a few family embers that went to him.. But not for BBLs.. I hope he has more pictures in his office because his website doesn't offer much.

I had my consult!

Ahh!! I was so nervous to meet the surgeon.. But he was so nice and personable. He said I am an ideal candidate and am at a great weight to get enough fat to transfer! I carry most of my weight in my legs.. But pretty much everywhere. Doc said he would take some fat from my flanks and belly and most from my legs. As soon as I get the quote I will see when I can schedule it. He didn't have a ton of before and after pictures to go through, but said he has done a lot of fat transfer procedures. He's been in business for 30 plus years. His staff was all older women who look AMAZING ..the lady at the front desk is 65 and looks not a day over 40! Anyway.. I'm calling tmrw to check on when my quote will be ready.
Welcome! What doc did you consult with? Are you gonna consult with more than one? Good luck. You're gonna look great! :)
Yay! What doctor?
Welcome to Realself and good luck, future doll

Has anyone had fat transferred into breasts at the same time as a BBL?

I've always had big boobs for my body..naturally. But the thinner I get the more deflated they become. I love them when I'm a little chunky..sure they aren't perfect and perky..but I love their fullness. Has anyone had fat transferred into their breasts and not had a lift done or anything? I'm okay with a natural sag.. I just want them to remain full when I get thin. I will post pics in a min. Should I ask this question on the main Q&A board? Thanks fellow BBL ladies :-)
I heard about one girl doing in in Mexico. She said she didn't notice as much as a difference as she would have liked, but I don't know if that is just because he didn't have as much fat left after doing her booty. One of the biggest problems, it would seem, is that you need to avoid pressure on the fat injected area for 4-6 weeks. If you do front AND back, you'll be sleeping on one area. I did silicone implants, no lift with Dr. Gonce in Oklahoma and love them. They look and feel very natural and I have 800cc!!! They don't photograph like they look in person. They are much prettier in real life, which is annoying when you are trying to take before and after shots haha. You can see em in my bbl review. Good luck!!
I consulted with Dr. Robert W. Alexander ...he is super accredited and has taught and written lots of material on all kinds of plastic and reconstructive surgery. I can't find anything negative about him.. He's older and doesn't advertise much so I can't really find real people reviews on him. Other than my family members being super happy with him and their results.

Pics.. and wishes.

Still waiting for quote email. Ugh. I can't seem to get anything done today because all I want to do is check my dam emails. Arg. Anyway..While I wait here are some pics of me today and of my wish pics
Love your boobs! They look super natural!! Thanks girl
I wish they photographed better lol. You love the same kind of butts I do - and you have such a great shape already. He is going to make you look amazing!!!!
Oh that's so sweet!! Thank you! I hope I can get pretty dramatic but not unnatural results. I'm nervous that seeing as my doc isn't majorly in the business of making huge butts, (like the docs featured on here so much) that it won't be as dramatic and so many other ladies on here.. Ahh! So hard deciding. I know I have to be realistic and don't necessarily want a gigantic can.. Although I love to look at them. Im butt obsessed! Lol. I'm so excited to see your results!! You are going to look fabulous! Your legs are already great ..I wish I had better legs to begin with. I guess we all want stuff that we don't have..lol!! But who said we can't get it?! :-)

Still no quote from first consult.. so I emailed Dr. Hughes!!

Omg..it's Saturday isn't it??! I emailed Dr. Hughes after looking through his reviews and before and afters..omg he's awesome. I sent him a message this morning and he wrote me back within 30 mins! What!!? If I traveled to California it would be way cheaper than Florida or DR ..I wish I was close to someone fabulous..but I'm not..I'm clear up here in the boonies! I just sent Dr. Hughes my pics and questions and I will update when I hear back from him! :-)

30 mins later Dr. Hughes replies! on a Saturday!

His email was very nice, he quoted me $12,000. EEEK! I hate the money is even an issue..afterall this is my only body! I shouldn't be bargain shopping here.. now that I know his price.. I can seriously consider the higher price and the traveling expenses..and realize that if I want to go with him, I might have to wait a bit. Sad..but all good for me to know. He said he would be able to put 1200-1500 CCs in each cheek. Oh my!! Anyway..lots of thinking and things to consider!
$1200 is a lot of money only love for yourself can make you spend all that money in one go lol. I know whart you mean and where you coming from

Got my second quote!

Ok so it was my first consult but I finally got the lady to email a quote!
This is for my local guy, he's seriously 5 mins away. I haven't seen enough of his before & afters to know if he can get me the look I want.. He has done thousands of surgeries..just doesn't have a lot of BBL before and afters.. Infact, they don't usually use the term BBL in their office..they like to call it fat transfer for butt augmentation. So here's the price I got
$4000 for lipo of flanks, belly and thighs transferred to butt
Prp- $600
Garmet - $95
Hospital charge for OR and anesthesia -$2500
Total $7,195.00
I'm going to set up another consult with him and show him some of the before and afters from here..and see if he thinks he can get me similar results.. He mentioned about 1000-1200 ccs per cheek in our first consult..but I need him to try and aim high so I can get all this fat out and back in my butt..:-)
What questions do I ask him to be sure we are on exactly the same page?
Thanks ladies!

3 weeks away!!!!!!?

Omg ladies. I got an email back from the first doc I do silted with. He's local, only 5 mins away.. I had emailed him regarding my concerns that he may be too conservative for what I want. I emailed him 2 different before and after pictures from realself that I found similar to my butt and similar to my wish butt. I explained that Dr. Hughes says 1200-1500 ccs would likely get me to where I want. Guess what he said!?! He will put in whatever he can take out to get me the results I desire!! He told me he doesn't do drains.. And I could schedule it within 2-3 weeks!!!?!? Omg!!! What does this mean!!!? Am I THAT ready??? Ahhh!!!!! He explained he didn't want me to lose anymore weight.. To be better safe than sorry with enough fat. Oh my dear word.. I'm calling on Monday to see when my date is!!!!
** for those of you who have used care credit.. Do I apply now?? How does it work?
Thanks!! Freaking out over here!


Do silted = consulted with.. Lol
Congrats! It sounds like the ball is starting to roll. Exciting! Re: Care Credit: first, make sure your Dr accepts it (not all doc's do). Then you can go to carecredit.com and fill out an application. It's really simple (takes like 5 mins). You will just need all you demographic info (name, DOB, phone number, address, employer and income). They will let you know right then if you're approved and for how much. If you're married make sure to include your spouses income (they will approve you for a higher limit if you have a higher income). They will give you your account number right then and then they will send you a card in the mail. You don't need the card to charge on the account. The doctor's office can run the charge with the account number you will get after you apply on the carecredit website. Good luck gurlie!
Awesome!! Thank you so much!

Financing in order!! Booking my pre-op appt!

Omg.. it's really happening. Why do I all of sudden feel nervous and question if this is right?! I'm nervous to undergo something so elective.. I love kids more than anything and I'm questioning if this is necessary now.. oh gees girls.. does everyone go through this process?!

Can't wait for a bubble!

Talked to my docs office and they are checking the operating room schedule and I should have a date by monday..it will be sometime within 2-3 weeks if I want it!! Omg!!!
When you went through care credit ... If you don't mind me asking ... Did they give you whole $ of the sugary ?
Yes.. They approved the full amount.. But it said to put in an estimate of the cost..I just put in $7000 thinking I might not get approved for the full amount anyway.. But I did. I will just pay the $195 with cash.

I have weight loss/weight gain Questions! Advice please!!

Ok ladies.. I still don't have an exact date nailed down yet..but my doc office said around a 3 week mark.. I'm waiting to get an opening for the operating room at our local hospital..anyway!! Here's what I'm doing and I wonder what it should be doing... Right now I'm on a low carb diet.. (I've been a yoyo-low carber for years) basically if I'm not low carbing, I'm gaining weight. Right now I'm 148 (I'm 5'2 pretty high body fat around 26%) .. My doc says he will get most of my fat from my thighs but other areas, like flanks and belly if needed. I have heard so many different doc opinions on whether or. Or to gain weight or lose it before sx. I want him to take it from all the areas, (thighs, flanks and belly) but he sounds like he will just get the flanks and belly if he can't get enough from the thighs. As of right now, I'm sure he can get enough from my thighs.. So here's my dilemma ...do I lose a few pounds so he is forced to take fat from all the areas? Or stay the same and hope he does them all?!?
Can I ask where you got that peach colored over sized shirt/dress at? It's cute! Lol
Thank you! I love it! Got it from Target..it's an xhilaration long sleeptee.. I just bought it in Nov. But I went to their website to find it for you and I don't see them anymore :-/
I like the your wish pics! I hope working out wont alter the results good luck ;)

What are your top 5 must haves post op?

Gathering a list.. but I won't be traveling for my surgery.. so I have basic things at home already.. but what are your personal top 5 must haves after sx? Here's a pic of me before my workout today..Holy flat cheeks!
Good luck on your surgery doll I'll be following I'm one day post of its so painful but nothing u can't manage lol
My 5 must haves are: 1: Funnels (I bought them for a dollar, there were 4 in different sizes) you will REALLY need it to pee. 2: Arnica tablets and gel/ointment 3: Many many pillows.. it will be VERY difficult to feel comfortable after surgery. I always have about 5 laying around me, from very small (airplane size) to big ones 4: Lots and lots of water.. It helped me a lot to clear the toxins and ease the swelling 5: Protein shakes...Whey Protein1 mY do said Protein is the main thing I have to eat since it's what creates new tissue in the body.. so it will help with keeping the new fat in :)
Awesome! Thank you! I have definitely heard the funnel and arnica is needed.. I didn't realize it also came in a pill.. Good to know. I eat the crap out of protein already.. I love Quest bars fromGNC ..ever had them? They just came out with cookies and cream and omg..like a candy bar! 21 grams of protein and low carb. Anyway thanks again!

Can't wait to fill out these PJs

I bought these super cute legging pajamas at Old Navy today.. knowing full well I wouldn't actually wear them until I get my new booty. Omg I can't wait until these look how they are supposed t .look..they are so cute, but not so much with a flat butt and big thighs.
Good luck!!
Thank you!!
Thanks girl!

A tummy tuck at the same time?

I've been seeing more and more reviews with a TT at the same time!?? I have still don't have a date (so annoyed, but that's another story) ... Should I add a mini tummy tuck? I hadn't even considered it because I wanted to lose all the fat I could before getting the skin taken off.. But if they lipo the belly fairly well, the skin would be an easy fix.. Do you think it would be too much for recovery? Should I focus on just getting the bbl for now... Get into great shape and then go back for a tummy tuck?
What do you think?
I can't imagine having to lay on new boobs or a tummy tuck incision, too. Girls do it all the time, but I wouldn't. I think I would go back later if I needed it.
And, honestly, there's a good chance you wouldn't even need one!

Tummy pic

I realized I don't have a frontal pic! I definitely do need a tt..
Congrats when is surgery
IMO bbl and TT at the same time are a no no. I mean you can't sit on your butt after injection and you can't lay on your belly after incision ....
oops I meant 0% or LOW interest. and yeah on the TT, i think your recovery would be the most horrible thing ever if you did both procedures at once. you are gonna need your abs honey, if you ever plan on getting out of bed again. and you're gonna need to sleep on your stomach for awhile too. it hurts enough with just the lipo, i think a TT would be insane. i hear some docs try to cram in as many procedures as possible and tell you it's fine. trust your gut. literally :)

What a disappointment!

So I haven't updated in a while because all this time I've been waiting to hear back from my docs office to get a sx date!! Are you kidding me? I was told 3 weeks ago that I'd have a surgery date and to expect sx before March.. Here we are feb 27th and they refuse to call me back. I finally had my husband stop in their office today and they explained that they were working on reinstating their relationship with care credit! Omg I'm livid. They TOLD me to sign up for CC ... I got approved weeks ago and they never told me at that time that they weren't accepting it..they said they were. Omg. I've had it. I'm having a tough time finding a doctor who takes care credit now. My #1 choice doc is Dr. Hughes in CA but he doesn't take it either. I'm in the middle of buying a house and I can't apply for another financing option.. I'm so mad at my doc. Ugh :-(
Have you looked into Dr cortes?
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