2 Sets of Twins + Hysterectomy - Nervous....

I have had 2 sets of twins (ages 9 &6) plus a...

I have had 2 sets of twins (ages 9 &6) plus a hysterectomy. I have really wanting a TT for a REALLY long time, plus now considering a breast lift (no implants).

I can schedule the procedure of July 28th, however we are then scheduled to go on vacation 2 and half weeks after that. I know I will have to take it super easy on vacation. But yet, that will be additional time to recovery. I have a high paced job and really cannot afford to take too much time off. So the vacation my be good timing - just sad that I might miss out on activities with the kids. If I do not take July 28th, I will have to wait until the Fall and not 100% sure if and when I could schedule it. is 2 and half weeks long enoungh to at least get me up and moving. Am I nuts for even thinking of doing it so close to a vacation. We will be driving about 7 hours to our destination. THoughts, suggestions, advice?

Hi again, the date is coming closer - very excited and nervous. I go for my medical clearance with my GP today. I hade a Mammo and Ultrasound. Unfortunately, my breasts are VERY cystic and my OBGYN has said NOT to touch the breasts until I get a full look over by a breast surgeon and another ulstrasound in 6 months. I was on the fence with the breast lift - once he said this I was actually relieved. I think I was going to have the lift because of the TT. But I am completely comfortable with not having them done now. Back to Plan A - the TT on July 28th. And in time if I am 100% sure about the list then I go for it. I am 1,000% sure about the TT but was waivering on the lift. It is not my time for the lift and I am okay with that. But the TT - I CAN'T WAIT!
In my opinion the long car drive may make you uncomfortable, and the sitting position my cause additional swelling. I was pretty sore after riding in a car for short drives, and with kids in the back you will want to turn around a lot and that may be taxing on you. Make sure you wear your compression garment most of the time I felt that if I was active it helped. I was able to take if off at night to sleep after 2 weeks, which felt really good. I would hate for you to put it off, but just plan on relaxing when you get to your vacation spot. I am just 6 weeks out from my surgery and plan to go back to work next Monday, not really sure how I will feel after sitting in a chair all day. Good luck and keep us posted on your recovery!
I don't think is a good idea about going on vacation after your surgery. You probably will not feel well to walk or stand for too long, and sitting in a car for that long will not be easy. But, all depends on you, your body and your healing process. I had my TT on June 16, and I still feel tired some days. Good luck with your surgery!!!
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