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Im a 50 year old woman (5 ft 3 in) who has had...

Im a 50 year old woman (5 ft 3 in) who has had back fat my entire life. I hate wearing tighter shirts because of the fat that hangs out over and under my bra. Ive never been fat but have put on 20 lbs over the last 2 years.

My surgery is set for this Friday. The directions are to take 2 valium and 2 percocet before I leave my house. This scares me because I thought I was going to have more sedation then this. Im off from work for the next 3 weeks so Ill be able to recuperate before going back to my teaching job. This is my 50th birthday present so Im keeping my fingers crossed that Ill be happy with the results!


I was wondering how it went I am in westchester too. I hope you were happy with your results
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Good Luck; we'd like to know how you are feeling after and during the process; my sister is in her mid 50s and is planning to do this real soon as well; if results are positive, I too will make this a 50th birthday gift. Thanks
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Good luck tomorrow, Leany! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. :)

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