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Im 18 years old,111 pounds and standing tall at...

Im 18 years old,111 pounds and standing tall at 5"0! A couple of years ago I weighed 145 pounds and had DD'S. I was ecstatic about loosing the weight & happy with my body, minus my breasts. I've been left with low, squishy, unflattering boobs with excess skin. The breast tissue does not sit high on my chest and my nipples don't point upward but down. The left one is a little smaller than the right as well. I know I'm young and my body will change. As far as my boobs go though, they'll only get lower and lower! Just like my confidence does every time I look at them. I just want to feel like a normal 18 year old. I'm trying to find the perfect doctor for my case and find out about my options financially. Any advice? Similar stories? Thank you :)

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I am glad another young woman from the community has found you. It's important for young woman to be thorough in their research and feel 100% confident with their doctor. Here are some important questions  you will want to address with the doctors during your various consults. Try to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with many before and after photos. And just like Ittybitty113, show your "wish boobs" to your doctor. Congrads on the weight loss! Looking forward to your updates!

Thank you so much for this info. You're advice is very helpful!

This is just a taste of all the helpful information you will find on RealSelf. Keep us posted on your research progress!

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