38 Years Old with 38kk , England

Im 38 year old self employed beauty therapist from...

Im 38 year old self employed beauty therapist from Birmingham
I am currently 38kk bra size and weight around 14stone and feel I've got 2 stone in each boob !!
I'm under going a breast reduction with sedation and pain blockers this is a speciality of Mr Fatah at the Westbourne Center in Edgbaston Birmingham
I had my consultation July last year and have been thinking about all my options
And I've decided this is the one me
So no GA which I have never had before so I've no idea how I may react etc
I'd love to get down to 34/36 D/DD
I am so nervous but have wanted this done for longest time
Any advice if anyone has had it done this way before please let me know your feed back
I will add some pre photos asap and keep you guys posted

Before photos

Hope this doesn't upset anyone it comes with a warning !!! ????

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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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How are you doing? Hope it all went well for you.
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I hope it goes well for you ... I will be having the same one week after you.
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You will be so relieved when this is done. I had a similar size to you and I thank my lucky stars several times a day.
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sorry you have had a message from one of the pathetic men that abuses this site, don't be put off sharing and enjoying our support. i am in the UK too and have had a normal recovery, see my review. i have never heard of this being done without a general anaesthetic so please post a full account, it will be fascinating. good luck, you will be so happy,
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Is there a reason that you have decided not to have a GA? x
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Yes it's my bmi I'm just over the 25 and it puts in a risky bracket for GA This way I take away a huge worry of any complications !!!! Xxxx
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I have read that reduction can be done with twilight sedation but you are the first here that i have heard of. will be very interested to hear how you get on, take care
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Oh really ..... I think it's a method that Mr Fatah prefers to do So I will keep you up to date with progress I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed xxxxxx
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tell me how the sedation felt like ?.was it administered through a tabletl,IV drip in arm or other? I wanr
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