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Had IPL Today for Three Small Spots - West Springfield, MA

I had a Cellulaze procedure 4 months ago which...

I had a Cellulaze procedure 4 months ago which left me with three dark spots on my legs where the incisions were made. Today the doctor used IPL to zap the three spots and it hurt like hell. I still feel the spots burning a couple of hours later. Supposedly the spot is supposed to scab over and peel off in about a week reveling new pretty skin. I will keep you guys updated.

Day 2

The whole area where the doctor placed the laser is scanning over so I'm not happy. The setting he used was way too high.

Glad I didn't do this to my face

So now I got giant scabs from where the laser was applied. Not happy. Putting lotion on it every day hoping it will heal soon.

Almost two weeks

Scab has fallen off and now I have pink skin. This is looking ugly.

16 Days

Not much happy so far. The scabs fell off but I still see red spots. Hopefully, they will fade soon.

Two months later

So basically I got burned by the laser and I still got marks from scabs. Not worth it, especially if you're doing it on your face. Unless your doctor is extremely experienced and expensive, the risk of messing up your face is way too high. Now I have to use hydroquinone cream to try to fade the burn marks.
Dr. Roberto Salva-Otero

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That's a very odd way to do IPL. If the setting had to be so high, I don't understand why the doctor didn't find some way of targeting the spot without zapping the surrounding skin. At any rate, did the spot get burnt off?
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Yes, the spot fell off, but I still have dark marks from the burns. When I went back to the doctor 2 months later, he had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to use IPL again to fix the marks. He must be crazy. So I made him give me a prescription for hydroquinone 4% and I use it in combination with tretinoin 0.05% to fade the marks.
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I'd be going to a different doctor!
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Keep us up to date on how this is healing.
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