Don't Expect This "Minimally" Invasive Procedure to Be a Walk in the Park - West Springfield, MA

PRE-Operation: - doctor told me to take Arnica for...

- doctor told me to take Arnica for about a week before the procedure to help with the pain and bruising
- prescribed an anti-biotic and a relaxation medicine to take before the procedure
- my cellulite was determined to be mild, what they would call grade 1

- took pictures (I will post them later after I ask him to email them to me)
- marked me with different color and drew squares on the affected area
- the doctor gave me Tylenol and a lot of local anesthesia
- the most painful part were the needles for anesthesia and the doctors inflating the under skin area with fluid. (They told me it was to numb the area) It literally felt as if I was stuffed like a turkey
- while the laser was in me I felt almost nothing except for a little burning when it would come near the end of the squares (Fluid was missing in those parts.)
- the whole process took about 2 hours
- there were three staff total doing my procedure: two doctors and a nurse so I felt comfortable
- after the laser portion was done, doctors pushed the fluid out of me, put on bandages on incision marks and helped me put on the compression garment
- I was feeling a little lightheaded and loopy but I was in good spirits

- I started feeling pain so I took a pain killer. The pain is gone now 30 minutes later
- there is a lot of drainage so the doctor gave me a plastic blanket to sit on.
- I feel tired and sleepy which is most likely from all the medicine
- haven't taken the garment off yet so haven't seen any bruising
- will update my review soon

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- Still feel some pain. I guess this is what people refer to as "soreness". I took a painkiller.
- Took my compression garment off for the first time to take a shower. Looks like I got red bruises. The incision marks still leak a little so I disinfected the area and put fresh bandages on.
- My boyfriend said there is no cellulite but I'm pretty sure it's because of the swelling.
- The swelling is going down which is good. I can feel my legs more when I touch them, so there is less numbing.
- I took the garment off for about 15 minutes to take a shower and clean the incisions area.

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- Doesn't seem like the incision holes (I have 3) are getting infected and are healing well
- I don't have much bruising, probably thanks to Arnica and the fact that I'm not much of a bruiser to start with
- The swelling and numbness are going down

- I am still extremely sore. Imagine the most sore you've been after a workout and multiply that by 5. I am glad I didn't need to do work on my butt, or I wouldn't be able to sit down without taking pain medication. Either I'm a minority or this "minimal discomfort" experts tell you about post cellulaze is a bunch of bologna. I may also be too much of a complainer since its my first (and hopefully last) cosmetic surgery/procedure.
- Still very much need the compression garment. Walking without it makes legs feel jiggly, loose and wobbly (gross!)

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Just found an old picture of my cellulite before Cellulaze



Looks so smooth :) and awsome so far, keep us posted,best on your recovery.
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Thank you, Eva. Will do :)
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Ouch! Sounds painful but you made it through, glad you are healing well, keep us posted!

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- Cellulite still looks like it did before procedure
- Swelling and bruising has improved
- legs are still very sore


Thanks for the update! 

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- still sore. Why does it take three weeks to recover?
- hurts to run. Feels like skin is jiggling up and down. Ouch.
- my boyfriend said the cellulite has improved.


Thank you, Mel. I actually got lucky with the light and angle on that last picture. It's been about 4 weeks for me and my legs still feel sore. Maybe it's because the doctors really burned a lot of my under skin layer so it's taking a while for it to repair itself. I see some improvement in cellulite but its not where I want to be. Do u still have soreness?
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Wow, you look really smooth and cellulite free! You had very little to begin with, but I can see an improvement from the "before" picture. I'm at the three-week mark as of yesterday, will post a few photos soon. Best of luck as you continue to heal!
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Still sore. Still have cellulite. Not happy.


My surgeon has told me that with cellulaze it will look great once I have it, but then it will get really ugly (cellulite) and then it will look amazing and what it will look like in about 6 months. He said it will look bad and not to be alarmed but 3-6 mths mark you will start seeing the results.
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Oh gosh I hope so, cacm. :) thank you for the encouragement. I just passed 4 weeks (my procedure was on November 15th) and I see improvement but I can't tell if it's really improvement or wishful thinking or swelling or who knows. When did you have your procedure and how r ur results so far?
I've had many, many procedures, see my profile, due to a 140# weight loss. I have cellulaze next Monday and have been speaking with my surgeon for months about it. I do think you will be happy in time. This is one of the reasons Im having it in the winter. My doctor said it would get ugly before it got beautiful. So maybe your past the ugly stage and on your way up to the awesome results:)

5 weeks out

- Still feel sore but am noticing gradual improvement
- the incision marks are pretty prominent. I wonder when and if they r going away
- cellulite has improved somewhat. I guess at this point I'm expecting smooth legs considering what a pain in the ass this procedure has been so far.


Glad to hear you are seeing some improvements :)  Happy Holidays!
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Than you Eva. To you too. :)
Thank you. Happy holidays to you as well Eva. :)


Finally seeing some results. My left leg is looking a lot better than my right leg. This is probably because for some reason I had more cellulite on the right leg to start with. I'm feeling better because my cellulite does not look as disgusting as it used to. I can actually deal with it now. However, it is not where I wish I was. Hopefully, after 3 months I will have close to no more cellulite.


Hey there, thanks for the update!! It's more common than you think for cellulite to show more on one leg than the other, I have no idea why that is... I think that would be a great question to Ask A Doctor on the site. 
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10 Weeks

While I'm waiting for cellulaze to work and the ugly incision marks to fade, I came up with an idea. Since, according to this forum, the average price of this procedure is $5,500. Here are some ideas on other wonderful ways I could spend this money:
1. Start a Roth IRA account (I can contribute up to $5,500/yr tax free)
2. Make a down payment on a house
3. Buy a red Chevy Corvette cash
4. Pay a year's tuition at a state college
5. Get an associates degree at a community college in something I always wanted to do, like cosmetology for example
6. Take a vacation to a foreign country, like Argentina, Italy or Australia. Once a year for 3 years straight.
7. Open my own business. For example an SAT tutoring company or a nail salon.
8. Get a boob job. People will not notice my cellulite anymore
9. Quit my job and live in Latin America for six months, just because.
10. Renovate my house: new carpet, furniture, decorations, paint the walls, go nuts.
11. Pay for a princess wedding dress and a romantic wedding (or renew vows) at the beach. Then go on a second honey moon to Tahiti
12. Buy a pair of Louboutins, an $800 dress then rent a limousine and get a VIP at some fancy club in New York.
13. Get a pool for my back yard. I will enjoy it every summer.
14. Buy $5,500 worth of lottery tickets or go gambling in Vegas.
15. Hire a personal trainer, a dietician, life coach, personal chef and finally get some therapy for my low self esteem.

Ok, ladies. Feel free to add your own ideas. :)


Thank you, aneutronic for understanding :) I sent you a message.
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Awesome review! You deserve a medal. I really like your post on the week #10. From the pics I've seen frankly from the week one your legs look just fine. In fact the more light you use the less cellulite can be seen... We are so fed insecurity all our lives the point is it's easy to have insecurity shift from one body part to another to never stopping self-fixing fixation. I really love you ending on week #10. Another thing is men don't see this crap and even if they did, what are they gonna do? Go to another women cause she's got no cellulite? Lol plz... but oh yeah... "you're doing it for you self". Sure. We all want it to be magazine perfect but remember it's the photoshop perfect not real life perfect... I can make you photoshop perfect in 10 minutes btw. As I mentioned before, I think you looked fine before. Better than fine. Hope you wont waste your energy and money any more on these dumb procedures because at the end you can't buy love with it. Thanks again for awesome review. I def think it's not worth it after reading it and would love to treat you for a dinner in NYC.
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Ok so here is the summary.
The good news is that there is about 60% improvement of my cellulite. Now, if we say 100% improvement means the cellulite is completely gone, I would like Cellulaze to give me at least 90% improvement for me to say it was worth it. You may be thinking, "Wow 60% thats great!" However, think about it: is $4,000, incision mark scars and more than three months of recovery worth 60%? I don't think so. From the info on this forum it can take up to 6 months to see full results so I will wait for my 90% I guess. Incision marks look like giant freckles which I guess I can deal with. However, I hope they still fade more because I can notice them right away when I look at the back of my legs. I still have nerve damage so it hurts sometimes to run but it is getting better. Guess I'm still recovering. I'm not taking pictures for now because it's annoying to try to get the light right to see a difference. I'll take some at 6 months mark.


Thanks, Tatyana, for the update. (Love your week 10 post btw, so funny and every word of it TRUE!!) I'm sorry you are still having nerve sensitivity, that stinks. I hope it goes away - I think it will. My nerve tingling has gone away completely, thankfully as I run a lot. Glad you at least are seeing 60 percent but I understand about wanting something higher. I have been trying not to look at my backside at all until next week when I hit my 3-week mark. Will post an update then!
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Hi Mel, I wonder if the nerve damage is worse in me because the doctors were not very experienced and were too rough during my procedure. I'm crossing my fingers for u to see good results at 3 weeks :)


- nerve damage has decreased significantly. It doesn't hurt to run in tight yoga pants but still hurts a little if I'm not wearing anything tight. It sucks that after four months I still have nerve damage lingering.
- cellulite has improved about 10% more since month 3 which brings me to 70% total improvement which is not bad I guess. If I get another 20% by the time 6 months comes around, I will be happy.
- the incision marks are still black and prominent. The doctor just today used IPL laser to zap them. It hurt like hell and they still feel like burning two hours later. I'm putting cold aloe vera gel on them every 20 minutes.


I love your thread! It gives me such great hope! Can't sit down without feeling like nails are in my bottom and my legs! I'm at 3 weeks 2 days!! Ughhhh wish the recovery was better! Good for you though! I love hearing it might actually get better!!
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Hang in there girl. :) I'm 4.5 months and still have some nerve damage. Your cellulite will improve but don't expect 100%. I'm at about 70% improvement and hoping for 90 by 6 months. But this could also be it for me. Just stay positive. :)
Congrats on a 70% improvement! I hope that your cellulite and nerve damage continue to improve and that you reach your goal of 90% improvement. It's great to hear that you're on the road to success!

Got burns from IPL :(

So doctor zapped my dark marks but he overdid it. Now I got scabs from IPL burns. I hope these go away soon and actually help with incision marks scars.


Wow!!! Thank God for the internet and all the forums where you can read the truth. I have seriously been wanting to get rid of my cellulite.. Cool sculpting only works good on the stomach area.. I was not a candidate for Exilis which is the opposite of cool sculpting.. in which it heats up and melts your fat cells but my fat is the deep kind and therefore the machine won't work on me.. All I could think of is if my fat was the deep kind then why on earth can I see it on the surface of my skin? lol.. Anyhow this young 27 year old ,90lb woman suggested I get liposuction.. Well,, that hit hard.. I've worked out regularly since 1992, had a 4pack,, biceps,, that nice line definition going up the side of your outer thigh and then BAM,, went through menopause and everything changed.. I noticed a big difference once I hit 47 and now I just turned 50 and I'm desperate to get back into shape and get back in my clothes and at least diminish this Scarring, horrible cellulite that has cursed me for years now.. I don't want to wear my teenage sons boy shorts this summer, nor dresses or skirts to my knee's.. Even my triceps are starting to wiggle and wrinkle up... So I thought what can I do for myself to make me feel better and I thought ok,, the young lady suggested liposuction so lets research this.. Ok,, hours of that and then heard about smartlipo so spent many more hours researching that which lead me to cellulaze, etc. etc.. My head is crammed with information.. Anyways the reason why I'm posting this is to Thank all of you for your comments.. I cannot believe how many bad one's I've read.. and what you all have had to go through and continued going through.. I thought it would be a one time thing,, a couple of weeks post op and then feeling good and looking fine.. NOT!!!!!! I have decided NOT a CHANCE will I get any of this stuff done... First off it's a lot of money.. I'm no good with pain and from what I've read it sounds awful.. plus the healing process seems to take months and you may never ever be quite the same and the most important thing is you maybe worse or no change at all... I'm just somersizing and back into working out at least 5 days a week.. No alcohol, no coffee, little carbs that are complex. lots of protein and vegies and fruit and NO sugar... Like all of you,, there just may come a day where there is a cure or some miracle for cellulite and until then I'll save up and get in shape.. All the best to all of you!!!! Sorry for those of you that have had to go above and beyond and feel below average.. We must learn to love ourself and No that as long as We love the Lord and He loves us.. that's really all that matters.. The rest is superficial..
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I am going to read your list of what you could have done with $5500 to my boyfriend. I was laughing! Between some Botox and filler in my face, the lipo and breast aug fix I've dropped $9200...The self esteem part of your list was great! I'm 41 and it's a little tough I have to say.
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I feel you. We can change the outside all we want but it will not change the inside. My mom just got a boob job and her boobs look sooooo good makes me want to get some. That's $5000 I don't need to spend. My mom is 51 and she's struggling w accepting her aging body. I want to age gracefully and with pride, stay healthy and love my wrinkles. I'm going to work on my self esteem issues to hopefully learn to love myself just the way I am :)


I say about another 10% improvement since last time. I must admit that I have been working my ass off exercising and dieting. Cellulaze will not give you those smooth, toned runners legs that we all hope for. Even though I pretty much don't see anymore dimples, legs r not completely smooth and have sort of subtle hills and folds (wrinkle like). I will keep working out and dieting to achieve the legs I want and use Cellulaze as help.


thank you for your comments that you posted it really opened my eyes to a bunch of stuff I thought having the surgery would be a walk in the park but you made a point of it that it's not so now I'm up in a year wondering if I should do it or not
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I loved your post Cyborgcj. I would say don't be too afraid to go through some pain to get to the gain. I don't regret my lipo not one minute. Worth the money, time off and pain. It changed my life! But after reading your post it also made me sad to realize that we are all so unhappy with our simply, natural bodies no matter what age we are (I'm 41 and feeling it...). I just wish it were different. Best of luck to you all.
Thank you for your post. You are right Cyborgcj. Cosmetic procedures are expensive, painful and are not guaranteed. In my opinion if $5,000 is not that much money to you (let's say you make $200,000/yr) and you get a very good doctor who can guarantee at least some sort of positive result then one or two procedures is worth it. Problem is so many of us are getting procedures we don't really need because we are already beautiful without them. I was at a strip club last night, and noticed that almost every stripper had bad cellulite on her butt and thighs. Still they are walking around naked showing off their bodies and men r loving it. And here I am worrying about a few bumps and wrinkles on my thighs. Stupid. My fiancé thinks my body is beautiful so why do I even care if others notice my imperfections? We all need to learn to accept our flaws and see ourselves as still beautiful. No money in the world can buy that feeling of peace, comfort and happiness from loving ourselves brings.

6 MONTHS Finally!!!!!

So this will be my conclusion on the procedure and explanation of why it is not worth it.

Did I see improvement? Yes? About 80%. So why am I not happy? First, my results are not symmetrical which drives me nuts. My left leg saw about 95% improvement which means cellulite is practically nonexistent. My right leg has about five wrinkles on it and does not look like the left leg. This is annoying. I'm thinking of getting a doctor who will charge me by the square so I can pay him $800 or so to do 4 squares on that area.

Second, the procedure is about $5,000. Let's say you have this money and you want to pick one or several cosmetic procedures to do. You could get a gorgeous smile (Veneers) or you could get a nice boob job. Your hopes will come to fruition immediately after surgery. (Well the boob job will need a couple of weeks) You will see results and you will be happy and you are 90% guaranteed to be satisfied and know exactly what you're getting. On the other hand, Cellulaze requires you to wait and suffer for 6 months and then you may not even see the results at all and be extremely disappointed! Why take the gamble I say. Get a boob job instead.

I have been working out like crazy and dieting, so I feel that that has contributed and will continue to contribute my my reduction of cellulite. I feel that for the money you are spending, and the 6 months you are waiting, you might as well commit to an intense work out and diet routine for 6 months and see the same improvement you would see with Cellulaze. Yes, it's a lot harder than just getting plastic surgery, and sitting on your ass for 6 months (which by the way might be very uncomfortable anyway if you're getting Cellulaze on your butt) but doing squats 3 times a week will make not only your legs leaner, but your butt firmer which my friends have noticed. And you can't just do plain squats. You gotta put weight on the squat bar and gradually increase it.

In summary: get on an intense 6 months work out program and use the $5,000 to get a boob job. If I see anymore improvement in my cellulite or things worsen, I will update you guys.


Hi. What are the scar marks like now after IPL? Thanks for being so honest on your blog.
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Well the doctor burned me with IPL and I am still putting hydroquinone on every day to fade the x he made on my leg. I say your best bet is to just leave the incision marks alone and let them fade over time on their own.
ok, thanks. Could you follow that up with a photo say in 1 month to see how it's doing?

Well, it's been about a year since I've had Cellulaze

So I am ready to finally say that I have about 90% improvement on my cellulite situation which is great. However, I must say that I have also been working out my legs (squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts, etc.) and have lost some weight. Therefore, those factors have contributed to the improvement as well. The dark incision spots are slowly fading. My advice is to just leave them alone. They might stay with you forever but really they look like giant freckles so it's no big deal. Glad I went through with Cellulaze/working out/diet since I am happy now with my legs and can move on with my life without worrying about my cellulite. :)


So happy for you!! Exercise is so important and would definitely compliment this procedure.
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Still Have Some Scarring

Once again, ladies. Leave ur incision marks from Cellulaze alone. Burn marks from IPL are slowly fading.


You are really a very funny writer. I enjoyed your story/review. It took a while but I am glad you are happy with the cellulaze results in the end. I think cellulite is really hard to get rid of even with a great diet & exercise so maybe it really did do its job. Take care
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Dr. Roberto Salva-Otero

The doctor is very friendly. He works in The Cosmetic and Wellness Center with his wife who is also a doctor. He told me they do a lot of smart lipo procedures which put me at ease about the cellulaze treatment since it's new to them. (Hence the cheap price) He answers all questions and does his work carefully with no rush.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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