Help my Lips - Disappointed with Surgimend Strips - West Palm Beach, FL

Tried every filler out there for my lips, My body...

Tried every filler out there for my lips, My body absorbs the fillers in approx 3 months, looking for something permanent. Latest was the surgimend strips in my lips, disappointed with results. No fullness, looks like the dissolved. Want to try the new Surgisil Permalip, but what to be sure of exchange or removal procedure and if the surgimend strips need to be removed.

Can the permalip implants be placed over the Surgimend product that was briefly being used by some plastic surgeons for lip enhancment? If you wanted to exchnge the Permalip implants from larger to smaller is there a waiting period between removal of larger to smaller size ? Can it be done at the same time?


Unless you have already had the perma lip email me! I have them and LOVE them...just like you my lips absorbed every filler in weeks...I was wasting money every 2 months!!

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I'm sorry...I need to check for typos. In the first paragraph, the sentence should read...

Since this product is made with a solid (yet soft & pliable) silicone elastomer, it WILL NOT dissolve or be reabsorbed, and it won't rupture.
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I'm not a medical professional, but why not schedule a consultation with a surgeon who does PermaLip/Perma Facial Implant and have him or her answer your question? Go to more than one...get more than one opinion. Visit and click on the Locate a Surgeon button, then follow the instructions to find surgeons in your area who are doing PermaLip/Perma Facial Implant. Since this product is made with a solid (yet pliable) silicone elastomer, it would dissolve or be reabsorbed, and it won't rupture. That's why I chose it, along with the fact that unlike previous lip implants, there's no tissue ingrowth, which makes it easy to remove if you change your mind or want to increase/decrease implant size.

Curious about SurgiMend,I went to the maker's (TEI Biosciences) website. If I read the info correctly (and this is a big if...I am NOT a medical professional), it sounds like the SurgiMend collagen mesh matrix (derived from fetal bovine (cow) dermis)is eventually replaced by your body with it's own collagen. How long ago was the SurgiMend procedure done?

Copy from TEIBiosciences Web Site:
It is important to note the distinction between remodeling and resorption. TEI products do not dissolve via hydrolysis like some other copolymer meshes designed to provide temporary support during wound healing. Instead, it is populated and acted upon by host cells (fibroblasts and macrophages) which, over time, progressively break down the implant collagen and replace it with new host collagen. This is an ongoing cellular process that naturally occurs throughout the body, allowing for repair of damaged tissues. Type III collagen is a key building block for tissue development. The abundance of Type III collagen in granulation and scar tissues indicates its importance in wound healing as well. Dermal wounds in the early stages of healing resemble fetal skin in that Type III collagen is present in high proportions compared to Type I. The comparatively high Type III collagen content of fetal bovine skin may be beneficial in terms of its ability to heal soft tissue defects. The biochemical make up of fetal collagen is specific for development and maturation, effectively acting as a signal to the body to integrate and remodel the TEI implant.
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