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I got my lift done in jan of 2010... i finally had...

i got my lift done in jan of 2010... i finally had the swelling go down sometime in may of 2010. my ear canals swellled so i couldnt hear. when i complained they said it was ear wax. i told them my ears hurt when i laid on them. they said well dont lie on them. i suffered post operative trauma for a good four to five months, anxiety attacks lack of sleep due to the fact i relived the surgery over and over again as they do it without anesthesia. ears are sewn on to my face.

I had fat and skin removed from my chin 3-10,I still have a nasty T shaped scar down to my neck.I apply the scar gel twice daly.The fat is gone but the nasty scares I believe will always be there.NOT worth it.
do you know anyone else with a bad experience at West Palm Beach office? Had a consult and everyone was so professional. Met the dr and he seemed so knowledgeable with impressive credentials. considered having it done but certainly having second thoughts since reading so many horrible experiences. please reply.
how did u get your face back. i had a complex of the hereditary jowls. now after an awful adventure I had a pixie ear revision by dr catafumo (which was on his last day by the way)i now have a bigger red scar and the other side is still red. now I have a new complex of the scars due to the pulling of the skin not the tissue which a real plastic surgeon would have done. Now what. mo money mo money. LSL blows in my book. not good at all. the original surgery was jan 1011 and the revision on the left was in april. not to mention there was a 2 inch piece of my flesh with my hair on it ON the floor that I picked up and handed to the dr. wow
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