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I would love to give a full feedback AFTER the...

I would love to give a full feedback AFTER the procedure, not before. So far I consulted with Dr Schwartz and met his stuff members in the office. Everyone was very nice, attentive and happy. If he is as skilled as they claim I should be very happy, but again I have not have the procedure yet so I can not really give a survey about it. I booked rhinoplasty and S lift together. The cost is $ 15.000.00


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My surgery is next week on Thursday. I am getting excited. Dr Schewartz from West Palm Beach will operate on me. I will post the pictures before and after the following week.


Getting excited. My surgery is this coming week on Thursday!
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Rhinoplasty and S lift

I am a patient of Dr Michael L. Schwartz in West Palm Beach. I had my procedures done last Thursday. I am now at home resting and recupering. Still swollen quite a bit. The staff members were great. My surgery started on time and lasted about 8.5 hours due to lots of small changes we were doing to my nose. I had a rhino done 7 years ago in John s Hopkins and I was unhappy since. My nose was pointed down like a witch and was crooking to the left every time I smiled. I will attach the pre and post surgery pictures in a couple if days. The surgery went well. I was given a head brace. I also had a prescription for antibiotics and pain pills. I only took antibiotics. I felt pressure and overall tiredness, swelling, but not much pain. My nose did not hurt or bleed a lot after. I was able to get by using Tylenol every 4-6 hours. Dr Schwartz did not pack my nostrils so I was able to breathe via nose !!!!!!!! Huge plus!!!!!!! Now I am recovering, still too swollen to give you a nice picture. Take food with you in a cooler if u r out of town. My husband bought me Greek yogurts, bananas and ginger ale- the last one for nausea. That is all I could eat for the first 3 days. Stay tuned for more...


I am now about 2 1/2 weeks post op. However I have R sided facial nerve issue therefore I can not close my right eye. Thought, I will wait another 1-2 weeks before I will post FAIR pictures of my procedure outcomes. Hopefully this issue goes away fast. Unfortunately everyone at work noticed my right eye not being right and I got a lot of questions about it, so if you are planning an s-lift please take a note of this. Being in medical field myself I understand that is temporary and nerve if it was damaged or pressed will regrow 1 mm a month so hopefully it will return to normal. So FAR all I CAN SAY I AM STILL IN RECOVERY!
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Dr Schwartz

I have not done the procedure, yet. I would like to give a feedback AFTER the actual procedure is performed.

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