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Liposuction 5 Foot Four 162pounds - West Palm Beach, FL

So iam so nervous keep going back forth if iam...

so iam so nervous keep going back forth if iam making right decision . it costing me 5300 for four liters to be taken out of stomach and my love handles. which will help my butt I hope. I exercise about 6 days a week and I been on stand still for while now. just want to feel better about my self.. my man loves the way I look but he is like a toothpick so I don't like the way I look. was never like this when I dated heavier guys. iam just so nervous . I hate pain ..lol I have had back surgery so I can deal with it just a bad patient.. my poor man.. can people make me feel better just nervous.. is there anyone else out there that done it and was about size as me? and is this good cost four four liters be taken out?
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

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How did surgery go. I hope it went well and you r looking and feeling fabulous.
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I go for my consult on the 20th. Im nervous about the pain, and how long it will take to see results. I wish that I could read more positive info than negative. Im doing this for me. Because I am uncomfortable. Best of luck!
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me reading so much bad I decided iam not going to do it.. I think w cutting food in half I should do just fine .. good luck but please read what people are saying doesnot look good..
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I think in situations people almost post more negative than positive. Even with the daily news you know! Im just tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I have had success with weight watchers. But it doesnt matter how much weight I lose I have back ham lol! Im 5'6 @165. Best of luck to you.
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