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Latisse Works Great, Worth It - Palm Beach, FL

My eyelashes were not too shabby before hand...

my eyelashes were not too shabby before hand anyway, but wanted to latisse to see how long they'd look.

they are so long people keep asking me if i have "extensions" on. my lashes are really quite remarkably long. though, still have to wear mascara because my eyelashes are such a light color. no side effects.

Make sure you all go to doctors. Do not buy over the net it is a counterfeit product. From MIAMI

The generic latisse off the internet works the...

The generic latisse off the internet works the same and it's only about $35 a bottle instead of the $100 you pay from a physician. My lashes look amazing. I've had not side effects. My lashes are long and thick just like they were when I used the name brand Latisse. Generic is so much less expensive.
I am glad you are happy with it. You will need to take proper precautions that you are getting the product from an appropriate source who will ensure providing you with the real product and who can properly guide you on its use to meet your objectives.

not necessary to go to a certain provider, any doctor can sell it.

Updated on 16 Aug 2012:
You don't need a prescription

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