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Results Dissappeared After 2 Weeks? - West Palm Beach, FL

Had Juvederm to rid of marionette lines and naso...

Had Juvederm to rid of marionette lines and naso and fine lines and wrinkles. Looked great immediately after and lasted for less than 2 weeks. I looked the same as I did before I had the injections. Looking to see if anyone else has had this happen? Where did it go. Does it just get absorbed into blood stream and disappear? A lot of money wasted.
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I had same experience with per lane.. I had previously had restalyn e and those results were great..lasted 9 months.returned and dermatologist said per lane would be a better choice..she injected 1 and 1/2 vials(600.00). Within 2 was results had gone away. Went back,to same dr. W told "sometimes this happens". I asked her for a redo...she said she,d have to charge me another 600.0.totally disgusted I told her so...she did not seem fazed....my first treatment for 2 vials had been 1200.00.. Lots of money and I am so disappointed..my nano and lip lines were what I hoped to be rid of.. I am 68 yrs old
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Written by Maggiemae
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I'm 68 also! Maybe it's just not for all of us? I don't want a face lift and wanted a natural look!. I was very happy at first, but it didn't last. Don't have money to throw away like that. Guess we have to just be happy with ourselves the way we are?
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Do you mind me asking how much product was used?

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