I Still Can't Believe It's Me in the Mirror! My Profile is Awesome, in the Name of Vanity It Was All Worthwhile.

I felt I was not aging gracefully. Since I turned...

I felt I was not aging gracefully. Since I turned 50 I could see my genetics were not in my favor. I inherited my mother's turkey neck and my father's jowls. Most times when I was looking in the mirror putting on make-up I would pull my neck back with my finger to see my profile and imagine what I would look like without the exta skin. I started to do my homework & a facelift became a reality.

Yes, there was post-op discomfort, but to me it was so worth it. I love the way I look & feel. Believe me when I say it was a complete attitude transformation. I let my hair grow & wear a ponytail, something I would never do never before as it would call attention to your jaw line( or lack of one). My make-up regimen time has been cut in half or less depending on what I'm dressing for.

I have absolutely no regrets. I'm 57 & I don't think I look my age. People who see me (not a daily basis)can't quite figure out why I look so well. Usually they ask..did you lose weight, is your hair different or just wow, you're looking good. When I tell them I had a facelift their comment is..but you look so natural! I'm loving life.

Please see photos, the first 2 are the after,...

Please see photos, the first 2 are the after, quite a big difference from the before. As I said it was a peronality transformation as well as a huge physical transformation! YEAH!!!!

You have a wonderful story and you look great. I too am in my 50's and wanted that tight skin I had when I was younger, and decided to have the life style lift. My surgery date was 11/4/10. I went in had my surgery and evertything was great until about day 5, when my face swole up and brusied. The swelling is subsiding and the bruising going away slowly. The overall picture looks good, but I am experiencing some of the shooting pains and uncomfortable tenderness around my ear area. Is this something that happened to you? Does it go away? I realize that every individual is different, but I guess I'm looking for the tunnel that comes out further down the road. I have done research on the before and after, but just need a little insite from someone who has been there.

Hi Carterjm,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. Would you be willing to post a review about your procedure?   I think this info would be really useful to the LSL community please let me know if you have any trouble and please keep us posted.



You just need more time & patience. As simple as the procedure may sound it's still surgery, incisions take time to heal as do the nerves. The shooting pains are the nerves. it will lessen but it takes awhile. I still get one of those shooting pains once in a while, but no big deal. Swelling can can months to go away,but majority of the swelling is gone in 2-3 weeks, but it does take time to see the final results. I had bruising down my neck for a few weeks, but faded daily.
I'm so happy with my results that I never minded the discomfort.
Good Luck,anymore questions feel free to conact me. By the way....which LSL Center did you go to? And who did it?
Dr. Frank Catalfumo, Lifestyle Lift

I decided I did not want gereral anesthesia, to me that was the major risk factor. That was my first reason for chosing LifeStyle Lift. My doctor & his staff took the time to answer all my questions both before & after surgery. My follow up care was amazing. I highly recommend LifeStyle Lift & "Dr. Cat". I am a happy person!

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