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One Satisfied Customer - West Orange, NJ

This has been one of the easiest surgical process...

this has been one of the easiest surgical process that I have done. the doctor wss very personable and I felt he took his time and energy to give the best results possible. He made me very comfortable during the process and was very patient and accesible from the begining until my follow up visits. I would definitely reccomend thidoctor to any candidate that is intereted in rhinoplasty surgery

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I used Dr Eric Joseph in West Orange 973-325-1155. He is excellent and a pleasure to work with
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hi can you tell me which doctor it was in west orange? i need a nose job ASAP
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i just had rhinoplasty a mnth ago to date , i am so glad i did it , the first day was horrible just bc of anesthesia made me sick but after that it was well worth it ,
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I'm glad this went so well for you!

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