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So I have had breasts since I was 9. I hit puberty...

So I have had breasts since I was 9. I hit puberty early and my breasts have been with me since. I was always larger but not ever obscenely large. Until the last few years when I hit "D" cup size. Then I hit "DD" cup. Now it's "DDD" or even "F" cup. I am not fat - just average (although I want to lose about 15 pounds). And a little on the short side. But the weight of my breasts constantly cause me to hunch over, throw my neck and shoulders out, and make it difficult to buy clothing which don't make me look pregnant or like a porn star. The bras I have had to wear have left permanent indentations on my shoulders.

I do not wish for a lift right now as I am too scared or dealing with the scarring involved. My doctor said he could do breast liposuction which would leave two tiny scars under my breasts. He said he could probably get it to a "C" cup which could put me at a more comfortable place than where I am now. I will always have to wear a bra (which I wouldn't if I got a reduction with a lift), but I would just like to not have my breasts get in the way of feeling good about myself.

So I am nervous but really think I want to do this. The doctor is totally nice and was remarkably thorough when he examined me. I would completely trust him, so that's a good thing.

Crappy thing: because of my deductible not having been met, it wood cost me more to go through my insurance than it would with me paying it myself. Bizarre, right?

I know it will be a positive thing...just a little scared!!!


Welcome to the community:)

This will definitely make you feel better lightening the load.  I also had the DDD and they hurt and are a pain in the rear end.  Keep us up to date on how everything is going both before and after the surgery.  Also, make sure to take before and after pictures.  

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Thank you so much, Kimmers25! I think my surgery will actually be the first week in May, but I am worried and excited. I just keep looking at the damage my bra straps have caused on my shoulders and just want to be able to wear button down shirts again. I should just do it, right? If I were much taller I think I would be able to handle to overabundance of curves, but I'm only 5'4" tall, so I feel like all I am right now are boobs, stomach, and hips. Regardless, thank you for your kind words!

Yes sweetie you should do this:)  You will feel so much better and have more confidence in how you look and feel.  

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