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Worth It for Me - West Hartford, CT

I have had 2 titan treatments on my chin/neck and...

I have had 2 titan treatments on my chin/neck and one on each of the flab under my arms. Although I am very pleased with the results, the money pinched. I would suggest on chin and each arm will do the trick. I get a huge amount of complements and it went well with a 25lb weight loss. I really think the procedure made a huge difference in my looks.

where did you go for the treatment?

How long before you saw results on your jawline. Did you get it on jawline and neck or just jawline.


Hi all,

I too hate spending so much on beauty, but when it works and I am happy with the results at least I feel better about spending the money. I'm so glad this worked so well for you. Did you have any pain or down time? Is this something you will do again in the future as needed? Congrats on the weight loss too, that's awesome! We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. Please keep us updated.

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I like the supervision of a dermatologist. I do not feel that PA's or Nurse practitioners are as experienced.

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