Complete Rip off - West Des Moines, IA

Had my first procedure in 12/2012, 2nd in 2/2013,...

Had my first procedure in 12/2012, 2nd in 2/2013, and 3rd in 6/2013 all to my lower abdomen. I have absolutely no results and I paid 4k. Additionally for 2 weeks after each procedure I experienced extreme pain that felt like I was being stabbed. Couldn't wear pants and even the touch of fabric hurt. You're better off just doing lipo.
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My doctor did a great breast augmentation but this procedure is pure crap. It should be noted though that this was done by an esthetician and not the surgeon. Never saw an actual doctor for this.

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I understand! It makes me so mad that they say this procedure is cheap when you end up paying twice as much money as liposuction for zero results. Call the zeltiq company. They are bound by law to write down all results and side affects.
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