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The procedure was done in Wellington, FL at Dr....

The procedure was done in Wellington, FL at Dr. Strong's office by Dee. It is a very painful procedure
and no topical medication etc. is given. You are told that you will notice a lifting and tightening of the
skin but may require additional treatments if you have a lot of loose skin. It is not a face lift and you
should not expect a total transformation. Your skin will feel tingly, and slightly burnt for months.

I saw absolutely NO RESULTS, NOTHING AT ALL CHANGED ON MY FACE. I was even show a picture
today, 5 months later proving that there was NO improvement whatsoever and yet there was no
offer to refund any of my money or repeat any of the treatment again. Instead, Dee said, "she was
sorry" and asked if I would like to pay once again to have it repeated" If I had seen some improvement
as I would have tried a partial treatment again but I do not see why anyone would spent thousands
of dollars for nothing twice. Not only am I disappointed with the Ultherapy treatment but I also
think that Dr. Strong and his office do not care about their patients at all and only are interested in
making money. I think it's a total scam!!!!
D. I have also learned that someone has to be very skilled at doing this procedure. I have watched You Tube of Dr's mapping the face and neck and they use different techniques for different areas. I don't think the girl that did my face had a clue as to what she was doing. I am so angry about getting ripped-off by these scam artists while they are laughing all the way to the bank. Something has to be done!
Hi D. Wellington, I know how you feel. I paid Dr. Supriya Tomar in Palm Beach $3500.00. It was supposed to have been for my lower face and neck, but the girl didn't touch my neck, just my chin and far sides of my lower face. There has been no change whatsoever. What part of your face did you have done for $2800.00? I see that most Dr's get $3500.00 or less for full face and neck. Why should these crooks get away with this? Maybe we should look into starting a class action law suit.
Thank you for posting the details of your procedure.  I am sorry to hear this did not work out for you.
Dee at Dr. Strong of Wellington

Dee at Dr. Strong's office She lies with a smile on her face. If I knew that there may have been NO CHANGE and no refund or additional treatment would have been given I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS!

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