Gastric Bypass Saved my Life - Wellington, FL

I love food! I loved it before i had surgery and i...

I love food! I loved it before i had surgery and i still love it now, but now i eat healthier food and smaller portions. I still have some things that i love, like cheese but i have very small amounts. Since having wls i've lost a total of 198lbs and i love my life. I can play with my kids without getting out of breath and i can buy clothes in an actual store instead of on the internet. The surgery itself wasn't painful, it was a little uncomfortable for a few days but child birth was worse, lol. I took some advil at home and I was fine. The worse part was the liquid only diet. By the end of it I was dying just to chew something. Now i couldn't be happier.

Thank so much for your story and congratulations on your weight loss. I'm sure it's made a huge difference to your life with your kids, just being able to run around after them!

Dr. Paul Wizman

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