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I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two...

I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two children, a daughter age 8 and a son age 2. I breastfed both children for the first year. After breastfeeding my daughter I noticed my breasts were smaller but they still had fullness to them and were perky. It wasn't until I was finished breastfeeding my son that I noticed they just were not the same, the had a deflated look to them. I also did a lot of pumping with my son so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, either way I'm not happy with the appearance of them anymore. I don't have an issue with my breasts when in clothes, but when in the nude I'm a little self conscious. I feel a breast augmentation will make me feel better about myself when I'm naked and in a bathing suit, bra, etc. :) I have been contemplating breast implants for the past year and I have decided to go with it. My husband has been surprisingly very supportive and accompanied me to my consultation in early June. He's more worried about the health risks and healing though. :)

My consultation was with Dr. Robert H Gilman in Wellesley MA, Board Certified of course, he's been practicing plastic surgery in Boston for 30 years. We were very impressed with him, he seemed to know everything there was to know and had all of the answers to our questions. He was with us for about 2 hours talking and showing us before and afters. In the end he decided I should go with either saline or silcone implants moderate profile under the musle. He also said he wouldn't use anything less than 375 cc to make sure there was enough skin to surround the implant and make it look right. I would also have the incision site in the natural crease of my breast. I have thought about it and have decided to go with the silicone, but I'm still not sure if I should get the 375cc or something like the 400cc. Right now I am currently a 34 B so I will have to factor that in to my decision as well. I plan on having the procedure sometime in January after the holidays.

Thanks for the support and info. I definetly do not want to go too big, I want a natural look. If my breast were full at the current size they are now I wouln't have even considered a breast augmentation. I'm also a big fan of support for the girls, gravity is a pain in the ass :) I'm almost never without some type of bra. I agree with you on the fact that I need to see more doctors and I plan on doing so in the meantime.
You are on the right site for support! I really think you'll look great no matter the size you choose. You're young & fit, you're gonna do great!
Welcome to realself jandrade. Good luck with your procedure when you have it done. Make sure you have as many consults as possible to be sure you are going with the perfect doctor and all he has to offer. Remember all doctors ONLY show you their good before & after pics. I remember feeling sure with my first consult. Probably b/c he was board certified, excellent bed side manor, super professional and said everything I needed to know & wanted to hear. He was going to do it through the areolas just as I wanted w/o my mentioning it. But I was still worried about future sagging. So 4 consults later I'm glad I did more research. And remember the bigger the implant, the heavier they are, and they are more likely to become saggy in time. Depending on your breast, if too large they really only pull the areolas down if done without a donut lift. I'm NOT saying you need a donut lift. I'm saying just think about that fact that if they're too big implants they will pull on your skin & areolas. I think you look great now, so you will do amazing. Best of luck to you.
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