Hardened and Uncomfortable Implants

I wanted to get the surgery because I was very...

I wanted to get the surgery because I was very uneven and I wanted to make them even. At first I enjoyed them, but after having them almost 3 years I am becoming more and more unsatisfied with them and regretting them more. Also, I asked for a full C and ended up with one DD and one D :(

Can your implants harden and become uncomfortable after having them almost 3 years?
Yes, you can get contraction after the implants are in. Do some research. My silicone ones are 20 years old & I have a Baker's 3 contraction of the right breast. It happened gradually years after my surgery & kept getting firmer. My breast doctor ( not plastic surgeon) said it could get worse! So now I am looking at a surgery to remove the scar tissue that made it contract & replacing the implants. Mine is very noticeable. The left side is probably a 36 B full & the right is huge (38 C or D maybe?) compared to that & feels like a softball. Definitely check it out. My surgeon gave me a free consultation & it was worth it to know my options.
I am 3mths out, with one DD and one D. Does the difference in your breasts bother you? Mine does and is very noticable in shirts. Just wondering if your doc gave you any options to fix the asymmetrical difference.
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He was very nice and made the process comfortable, called him today with my problem and put me in the next available appointment.

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