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I have decided to exchange my large DDD's for...

I have decided to exchange my large DDD's for smaller ones. I am so excited since I've made this decision and put down my deposit for my surgery. I am going to have them drained 2 days before my surgery. Although I pretty much know what size I'd like to be I'm thinking that having them drained may give me a little more visual insight. I don't particularly want to have deflated boobs but it's just for a couple of days. My PS suggested doing this and I trust him. I'm going to take a button down shirt that I have that I've never been able to button all the way up to try on after the drain. It may help confirm my new size selection. I am 46 and have had my implants for 15 yrs. Comments??


Thank you for posting this. I am also wanting to exchange my current implants for slightly smaller ones, and a doctor I am considering suggested draining them first. He said that would give the skin a chance to bounce back a little bit the longer I could leave them deflated. Ugghh. But may be worth it to buy a padded bra in the meantime! Also he said I could try out different sizes to make my decision before surgery. And we could see how much tissue I have to decide is keeping them over the muscle will work or if I will need to go under. I will be going from salines to gummy bear silicone I think, since they now seem pretty safe. Not sure on shape or profile yet, but would love to have less side boob and more cleavage if possible. Hope that helps a little, and I would love to hear from anyone who has done this too!
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Hi prrrple, I had my implants drained yesterday and I'm so glad I did. The PS drained about 730cc's out of my DDD's. I have loose skin of course, but was still able to try on implant sizes and get a much better visual idea of what I want. Initially, the PS and I talked about going with 575cc but have decided to go with 533cc. I absolutely did not want to see my boobs "deflated" but it was the best decision I could have made to help me determine the size I am going with. The PS didn't suggest I wait to see if my skin would bounce back and I didn't feel the need to, either- but of course we are all a different case. My surgery is tomorrow and I am going with silicone and getting a lift. Anyway, after the drain I immediately felt 10lbs lighter! Like you, I want less side boob and just overall be able to contain them! I can't wait to wear button down shirts and jackets! I can't wait to get a bathing suit without a built-in bra! Thank you so much for responding to me!
Thanks for the follow up info. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out for you. Please post some pictures if you can. I am also considering whether to get a lift, and what type, so that info would be great too. I'm guessing you were over the muscle the first time. Did you stay over? Good luck with the surgery!
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