Wearing a Girdle After a Tummy Tuck/lipo and Breast Lift/augmentation

After the tummy tuck, the first 3 days were...

After the tummy tuck, the first 3 days were painful, the worst day was the third but it was more from laying down and having a sore back. I had idea that lipo was so painful, the tummy tuck itself has never really hurt. The ONLY con to my surgery was being far away from my family, I live in USA.

I did because I am an aerobics instructor, I exercise a lot and eat very healthy but my skin was stretched and there was nothing I could do. I am SOOO glad I had all the procedures done and would do them again in a heart beat! After 20 days of the tummy tuck and 4 days of the breast lift I feel great!

I had a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction 20 days ago. I also had a Breast lift with Augmentation 4 days ago. How long should I wear the girdle? What difference does it make?

Dr. Jose Katimi

I came to Bolivia beacue one of my close friedns is from here and based on her recommendation, I decided to have surgery here because it was MUCH more affordable in Bolivia, i spent a total of $4,200 for a tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and augmentation. In USA it would have cost MUCH more and I couldn't afford it. I tried for years with exercise and clean diet and my stomach went no where... this was the only way to get rid of what was left and going to Bolivia made it possible for me to do it.

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Hi, I have lost 25lbs with diet and excersie. However it looks like my boobs caught flats lol. I also had 2 c-section now my tummy also has a flat tire ,loose skin. Do you still have your Doctor's ifno. How much did it cost to travel there? I am considering having, tt, BL&BA. Thanks
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I had the surgeries done separately, TT and BL/BA. I'm guessing you're having both at the same time? Don't be sacred, if you have a great doctor you will be fine. Exercise, eat healthy, take some vitamins. Be prepared to be sore, mainly from the lipo. Make sure you have someone with you 24/7 you'll need help getting up from bed and laying back down the first few days. Honestly, the tummy tuck itself it's not painful at all, the BL/BA felt a little bit of pain the first day but the lipo is very painful, the first 3-4 days hurt a lot and part of the pain was having to lay on my back all the time. After the lipo, anything else was a walk in the park. Feel free to contact me anytime for any questions or concerns. Oh yeah, make sure you know what breast size you want to end up with, take a picture or a bra that you want to fit in. After going through all this, might as well end up the size breasts you've always wanted. ;-) Patricia
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So i got it all done at once. BL/BA, TT and lipo. The first couple of days were no joke. I thought i was going to die...lol. Every time I got up from my bed to go to the bathroom, i felt like my body was going to side right off of the bones. Thank goodness i had that garment on. I am almost 3 weeks post op and i feel great. I'm up and moving around fine. my stomach is still tight and I still have the strip thing over my stomach but it doesn't bother me. I do have a question though.. how long does it take for the swelling to go down?? weeks or months?? talk to you soon.
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I am also getting lipo and a tummy tuck as well as a BL/BA on June 2nd. Im so nervous.I cant believe its almost here. Do you have any advice?
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