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Hi ladies I have a question. Today I went for my...

Hi ladies I have a question. Today I went for my preop appt. and decided on 600cc saline mp. I am 5'2 approx 117 to120lbs. My chest measurement is approx 14.5 and I am currently a size A. Please give me some feedback on the size I have chosen. I am feeling maybe I should go to about 550cc! Do you think I can get away with the 600cc implant. I am a mommy of 2 babies and I don't want to look trashy!


Hey Angel, can you add some pics? This will help give better feedback. Yeah for you!

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That does seem a little large for your height and weight, but I haven't seen you so I have no idea what your body structure is like. Will you be going under the muscle or over? The profile also makes a difference. Here's what some doctors say about implants around the size you're considering on a lady who is 5'6".

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