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do not waste your money! - Watertown, SD

I had mesotherapy, as I have been struggling with...

I had mesotherapy, as I have been struggling with my weight for about 6 years. I almost passed out from the injections, and was dumb enough to go back for a 2nd round to look slim. My husband was appalled and scared about what this would do to my body (I had not told him beforehand!) I had a flat tummy, for about a week! Then the diarrhea started, and when I called the place, they said it was actually fat. Of course you are going to lose weight and have a flat stomach when everything is coming out! I would not waste my money on this raunchy procedure!


Hi Watertown,

Thanks for the review. I'm sorry your procedure did not go as you had hoped. You might want to check out the answers in our doctor Q&A, What are the Side Effects of mesotherapy, you might find some useful info in it. Please keep us updated.



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This was not even performed by a Dr., it was his wife. You looks 6 mos pregnant for about 24 hrs, then diarrhea, then when you start eating, go back to your self!

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