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Since I was a teenager I always felt incomplete...

Since I was a teenager I always felt incomplete about my breasts, or lack there of. At the age of 43 and after 2 children, I decided to have it done. That was 3 weeks ago, and I don't regret it at all.

My only concern is my left breast is slightly higher and larger and still is very sore on the side if I lift something wrong or put my arm over it to reach for something. My right breast has dropped a little, swelling seems to be gone and it feels great! Is this normal??? I feel like a big baby when I call my PS's office, but they are so awesome, they never make me feel stupid for calling.

No pics to post now, but would like some comments to make me feel better.

UPDATE:  Pic added, 6 weeks after. ...

UPDATE:  Pic added, 6 weeks after.  Barely any scars.  Exactly what I wanted!  Still can't wear a "real bra" so not sure what my actual bra size will be but I know it's larger then the A 1/2 I used to wear!!!!!

Things are great!!! $4,000 was the least expensive that I found, but Dr. Barnard also did a friend of mine, and she was completely happy with her results, so that is why I went to him. The price was a BONUS! If you need a lift, then I believe the cost is $5,000, but I didn't need the lift. The staff in the office is wonderful! Great gals there, and they were so supportive, considering my husband was totally against me doing this. Go meet Dr. Barnard and his staff for a consultation. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! I was almost a B cup, and just a week ago I bought my first bra's after surgery and I'm now a C cup! Totally thrilled! Exactly what I wanted. I got 270cc saline. Kind of wish I went with 300cc, but am still very happy! Cedar Rapids to Waterloo is only 45 min. and his office is at Convenant, so on the right side of town for you!!! Let me know what you decide. Hope this helps
This is the wife so dont get creeped out.It looks like your surgery was a success,Your breasts look good.What i want to Know is why only $4,000?Anyways i live in Cedar Rapids and have been looking for a good surgeon who is also reasonably priced forever.please write back and let me know how your doing now and if you experienced any complications.good luck and thank you for posting it may help me.

It's been 11 months now. Completely happy!...

It's been 11 months now. Completely happy! Only regret is I wish I would of gone with 300cc, but that is my own fault. Should of never listened to my husband. I'm not a full C or small D cup. I would do it all over again in a heart beat!!!

I am 43 and had 2 children (23 + 16) I am considering implants just as a tune up. I would like to know how you feel now and if you are still happy? I am 5'2" 122 lbs and considering 300cc.
I am extremely happy. It's been almost 5 yrs now and my only regret is I wish I would have gotten 300 CC instead of 270. I would go for it if I were you. You will love the way you feel about yourself. :)
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the (5yr) comment. All the research I've done has been recent surgery. I wanted to hear from someone that's had them a while. I wanted to know if down the road regret set in? or sickness from them? I have read everything from migraine to lupus? Scary stuff! Anyone that I know personally that have them long term have saline and I am not considering saline. Thanks for your info and especially your support for a perfect stranger. You look great on the outside but not everyone can have beauty inside and out. You are a true beauty both inside and out and I am "going to go for it." Thanks : )
Waterloo Plastic Surgeon

He's awesome, plus his staff is wonderful......I had some personal issues that arrived as a result of me doing this surgery and the staff there made me feel better.

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