Waste of Good Money!

I had the Zoom done on March 24,2009. I was told...

I had the Zoom done on March 24,2009. I was told it would last for 18-24 months. I lasted for 7 days. I had no Pain or sensitivity but I saw no real results or huge difference in the shade of my teeth. If I had to do it over again I would not choose the Zoom. In my opinion, It is a Total waste of money and sooo not worth it!!


I just had my teeth Zoomed and I really don't see the difference and the after effect it no good at all I am talking and all of sudden I have a shocking pain on my teeth. OuCH!!!!!! it cost me 129.00
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I can't help you as far as the pain goes, but at least you didn't spend hundreds on it. Zoom is a waste of money .
I'm so mad about ZOOM's misrepresentation it's driving me crazy!!
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I don't think It was the fault of my dentist, I think the Zoom system is Faulty. Thank you

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