Results Good, Not Long Lasting Though. 45 Years Old - Washington

I've always been religious about sun damage...

I've always been religious about sun damage prevention and have good skin, generally am mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am. Expected to have excellent results from Ultherapy, especially as I had seen suggestions that results would last up to 3 years. It lasted about 10 months, then a bit of the fine crepeiness began to return.

The second round of treatments a year after the first left significant welts in 3 places on my face that haven't resolved after 3 days. They are shrinking and I imagine they'll be entirely gone soon. Also still have swelling in cheeks and along jaw.

If you want a dramatic difference that will really last, surgery or Fraxel are probably better bets. If you're happy with very slight skin tightening, this is a good if pricey treatment.


There's a very good chance that 10 months is how long it took for your face to heal from the procedure.
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Hi Mildred,

I'm glad this worked out so well for you, I'm also happy you know patients is a super important part of Ultherapy. We'd love to see pictures.

Thanks for the review and have a great week!


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