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I had four babies in 5 years; Daughter 1 8#1oz,...

I had four babies in 5 years; Daughter 1 8#1oz, Daughter 2 9#13oz, then twin Daughters at 7#12 oz and 7#14 oz. They took the twins c-section with a vertical incision from navel to hairline. In 1994 I had a total hysterectomy and other repairs and they went through the same incision. Needless to say, the result was what I referred to for 30 years as my "front butt". I love my daughters beyond anything, but I dreamed of having a tummy tuck for 30 years.

I finally had the surgery with local liposuction on August 23, 2011. I am very, very happy with the result. I prepared for it for a long time, reading about what to expect and possible poor outcomes or side effects. I would do it again in a heartbeat. My bruising is gone the 3rd week and I am back to work. Abdominal muscles are still very stiff. The muscles up the center of my abdomen are just a bit sore, but ibuprofen takes care of it. I get very strong spasms, mostly at night. I can't really say they're painful so muchs as they are strong enough to lift me out of my lying position.

The surgical binder helps tremendously. I wear a "unitard" type compression garment during work hours; it has a tank-type top portion so works OK. But, the minute I get home, I strip down and get my binder on with a towel under. Other than that, the numbness is subsiding; only some now in my very lower abdomen. It's only been 5 weeks, so I just need more time for the muscles to heal fully.

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I never waited more than 10 minutes for appointments. Staff was always immediately responsive to phoned questions. Doctor took his time when I asked questions; didn't rush me. He answered honestly. I had followup the very next morning after surgery and he was very thorough and made sure my husband understood what I needed (I was still a bit under the influence of anesthesia). I know that I could call right now and get in to see him even though I'm not scheduled to go back for a few weeks. Payment was fully explained; no surprises.

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Hi all. I am 5 months post-op now. Still lovin' it. I'm doing situps on an exercise ball without discomfort. I'm concerned about "undoing" any repairs. Should I be? Surgeon's only advice was that when doing bicycle exercise where you lay down and lift your legs to go side-to-side, not straight on. So, right elbow to left leg, left elbow to right leg. Any other advice out there? Thank you!
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Dr. Lee Colony. So far, I am very happy with him. And his staff.
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I'd love to know who your surgeon is. I had rhinoplasty in East Lansing about a million years ago.

At five weeks you're probably ready to be recovered already. Hang in there. It'll get better and better!

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I feel that if you've done your homework about what to expect and looked for an excellent surgeon (don't go bargain hunting!) Then you've done as much as you can. My hubby was an excellent nurse. He waited on me, emptied my drain, and fussed over me. I highly recommend someone like that at least for the 1st week after surgery. I'm a bit of a cheap hunky; can fall asleep with an aspirin. They gave me Vicodin and I could have 2 every 4 hours. I only took 1 every 4 hours for the first 3 days then switched to ibuprofen. Everyone is different, tho, so if you need the drugs use them. Don't go thru unnecessary pain!
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I have been preparing for a while for my tummy tuck. I've been reading, watching videos online, quizzing people who have had it done lol. My surgery is scheduled for October 20th. I am excited but I am mostly scared of the possible complications and side effects from meds. I hope I can say it was worth and that I'd do it again like you ;-)
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I probably do have more of a love/hate relationship with the binder. It gives relief and supports my healing muscles better than the compression garment. But, it's bulky and not very sexy ;o). I did not work the first 2 weeks after surgery. I worked remotely from home the 3rd week, then back on the road the 4th week. I was more comfortable at home, of course, but no more time available to take off from work.
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oH YES OF COURSE! Well welcome I am glad you joined! You are a champ I am only taking 2 weeks off also then back to the draing board for me!
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welcome. you are the first person i have ever heard say they like the binder I have heard love hate relationship and what not . How long before you went back to work!
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