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First Time Using Latisse......? - Washington

I just used Latisse for the firs time tonight the...

I just used Latisse for the firs time tonight the only thing that I am feeling is a very slight burning in the corner of my right eye. I went to an opthamologist for my subscription and he also tested my eyes. He said that he had not seen any problems with Latisse, but that he had only a couple dozen patients for that. And he said that he had quite a few patients he was treating for glaucoma and only one girl he had to take it off of because she was noticeably getting very dark circles under her eyes. So that was kind of comforting to hear the low complications But in all honesty Im scared. Im glad that there is a 90% satisfactory rating on real self. But did any of you go over your lash line a couple of times because you didnt feel like the product was being put on it? How long did it take before you felt comfortable with the product? I have blue green eyes. Should I be worried? I realy need someone to "hold my hand" Thanks


No one can promise you that you won't have any bad side effects, but here's my experience with the process: I spoke with my dermatologist about it and did TONS of researching opinions and other people's side effects online. It's mostly consistent with the 90% positive feedback on this website, but the problem is there's no way to tell if you'll be one of the people who doesn't respond well. I know that's not hugely reassuring, but I'm being honest. You also can't get comfortable using the product unless you can see that it's not giving you bad side effects. I know, also not really helpful, because you have to try it first, but it's the possibility of something going wrong that's scary and nobody can tell you how YOU will react. What it really comes down to is...are you willing to take the risk? It seems you are since you already have the bottle : P I personally was also really nervous since people tell me my eye color is very pretty and my eyes are one of my best features (I have hazel eyes and I was afraid the brown would take over the green parts!) I have been using it one month and so far so good. But I also really asked myself BEFORE I started if it was worth maybe having browner eyes. In my case, I already have more brown than green, so I was willing to take the chance. I have 2 friends that used it who have very light blue eyes and have had no problems with eye color change. I have been very lucky, my eyelashes pretty much grow overnight with it, and I don't need to use it nearly as often as it recommends. I agree with you, the little brushes it comes with makes it feel like you aren't getting enough product on. I used to go over a few times also, UNTIL my friend who was also using it told me to buy a dedicated eyeliner brush for it and to put one drop in the cap and apply it from there. It works much better now, and I use one drop for both eyelids (I'm still paranoid, and why use more if just a little works for me?) and I only use it a few times a week. Obviously keep the brush clean, don't throw it in your makeup bag, etc. I'm super careful not to get any IN my eye since most of the side effects of color pigmentation are from being applied directly in the eye. I also can tell when I put it on at night, my lids feel a little irritated, not bad, but I can tell. However, my same brush-recommending friend said it's so irritating to her lids that she's going to stop using it even though she loves the results. She also had slight lid darkening, and my other friend had nothing. I have no effects that I can tell (I have permanent eyeliner though so it might mask any lid pigmentation that could have occurred) except really full and very long eyelashes! I look almost "normal" now with no make up on and I switched to brown-black mascara as my "day" mascara because the black is now way to dramatic! The only bad thing that happened is with my lashes being thicker it's harder to put eyeliner on, but I think I can live with it : )
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Okay an update. I just "restarted" using Latisse...

Okay an update. I just "restarted" using Latisse this past September. I stopped consuming sugar (its surprising how much sugar adds to inflammation) and cut out all caffeine products ie: tea and diet soda. I at first had an allergic reation to latisse, but took some claratin D and that was cut out. Sneezing, puffy eyes etc... So far I have had no bad side effects. No dark line on my lids. No blood shot eyes. Nor any dark circles... Until I started drinking tea and diet soda again. As soon as I saw the dark circles I immediatly stopped. And they went away.

I dont know if there is a connection between caffeine or aspartame or just fizzy soda. But whatever it is I just wanted to put this out there so if anyone might have that problem maybe they could look at that as a solution.

p.s. My eyelashes are beautiful. Not thicker, but I never had thin ones to begin with. But they were too short and now theyre long. (thanks God)Theyre not darker and not curly but hold a curl better. All in all this is a great product.

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Dr West, Cascade eye and skin clinic

He tested my eye pressure and vision used a vision chart. All that was included in the $120.00. He was very polite and took the time to answer all of my questions.

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