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I went in on Tuesday January 10th 2012 (9 days...

I went in on Tuesday January 10th 2012 (9 days ago) for a profraction laser resurfacing under my eyes. I was very excited about the procedure because it was explained to me ad a simple procedure with 4-5 days down time. Well I learned very quickly that is not the case. The procedure was not painful I had a local and shots to numb my eye area completely. The procedure took about twenty minutes, as soon as it was over the docter was gone before I could even see and then I was shuffled out through a side door because I was so bruised and swollen. I am now 9 days post procedure my eyes are still somewhat swollen I have a terrible rash around both eyes and deep wrinkles worse than the ones I went in to correct. Has anybody else had these side effects with this procedure, I feel like my face is ruined, not to mention how much time I have had to take off of work.

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Well I was supposed to go in for my follow up...

Well I was supposed to go in for my follow up appointment today(Friday January 20th) but my doctor is stuck in another state due to bad weather. My eyes still look very red, not as swollen but they still have a rash all the way around them and still very wrinkled looking.


I already tried to see somebody else in his office,but he is the only doctor in that office. I am very concerned feeling very discourage my face looks terrible and I have missed a lot of work because of this. I hope something can be done to fix my face.
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Clearly, I am not a doctor, but having read many of the reviews I can tell you that a lot of people talk about a lot of swelling and redness after having it done. If it were me, I would call the office back and ask if there is another doctor (even in a different office) who is covering for him and request to be seen by them. If that absolutely is not an option take some pictures of your skin close up and from different angles and post it in our Q&A section. At least you can get some thoughts from the doctors who volunteer on RealSelf that way.

Hoping you start feeling at least a bit better today.

I'm so sorry to hear you won't be able to do your post-op appointment today. I'm sure you were very much looking forward to it, and hearing what the doctor had to say about how our skin was looking.

Since you seem very concerned, you may try calling the office back and ask to see whoever is covering for him. Even if he is a private practice he probably has a colleague that covers his "emergencies" while he is out of town. Its at least worth a try so you can hopefully get some peace of mind.

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Today is Saturday January 21st the rash around my...

Today is Saturday January 21st the rash around my eyes is still very red and itchy and my bottom eye lid has huge bags and very prevalent wrinkles. I don't feel confident about the way that I look now and I am struggling with feelings of sadness.


I had profractional done on jan 25th for my acne scare. I did see improvement on my scare, some how part of my face looks like I had bad sun burn. I'm very worry. Is it normal? I hope the dark spot on my face will disappear.

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I went in for a follow up appt. on Monday the doctor said that I look great, but some how I don't believe him because my skin has not improved much. The rash looks a little better but the large wrinkles and bags are still very visible. The doctor said that it was swelling maybe it is, I am going to a dermatologist tomorrow for an unbiased opinion. Thank you for being concerned I will know more tomorrow hopefully.
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I'm glad to hear you are seeking another opinion if you are still not feeling sure about how things are looking. Please let us know what the dermatologist says tomorrow - will be thinking about you!

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Dr was nice no after care docter is stuck in another state due to bad weather.

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