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I'm 45, mom to three ages 20, 17 and 14....

I'm 45, mom to three ages 20, 17 and 14. I'm 5'6 and 125 lbs. I gained 60 lbs with 1st, 35 lbs with #2 who weighed almost 11 lbs, and did full-on aerobics and step class till due date of 3rd and gained 40 lbs. Breast-fed all three a total of 3 years. No matter how fit I am, I'll have this puddle of skin that I have to push into my pants and no boobs--my sister and I call them Yubangee Boobies. I don't want huge boobs, just fill out the skin that's hanging there. I've had two consults and each told me I don't need muscle repair or a lift-yay! Going with silicone under muscle. Anyone else have similar surgery (no muscle repair)? I'm getting so nervous and I don't know how to prepare--a little over two weeks away

Made the call to pay for surgery yesterday and had...

Made the call to pay for surgery yesterday and had labs done today. Snowstorm dumped about 6 inches on us--cabin fever and too much time to think about this!

I'm hoping hubby comes around because he's still...

I'm hoping hubby comes around because he's still being weird. I told him "I AM doing this. I will have a scar from hip to hip. In trade I will not have a bag a loose skin that makes me want to cry every time I'm bent over. I will have a normal belly button again that can be seen in public in a bikini. I will fit in bras and sundresses and tank tops and blouses. I will have a recovery period that I'll need help, patience, comforting...not guilt and silence"!

Yesterday was my last day at work for 4 weeks! ...

Yesterday was my last day at work for 4 weeks! Today I must shop for comfy clothes to wear that open in the front and all my other necessities such as m.o.m., gas-x, colace, and wipes. My scripts should be coming in the mail today-hopefully! I'm going to try to get in for a pedi and haircut and shop for easy fixins for the kids. Three more sleeps!!!

Love my haircut today and my pedi yesterday....

Love my haircut today and my pedi yesterday. Figured I'm going to be looking towards my feet for a while so enjoy the view! No prescriptions in the mail and all the necessary info I'm suppose to read and I leave in the morning to make the 4hour drive to pre-op. I don't feel fully prepared. Scared...nauseous...husband not exactly talking to me...my kids aren't saying really anything. I feel guilty doing this and think of the things that could be done with the money!

Wow! Surgery took almost 7 hours! Today is p.o.#5...

Wow! Surgery took almost 7 hours! Today is p.o.#5. I don't remember anything after surgery until getting out of car and having to walk up the steps to my mom's house where-thankfully-I had a lift chair to live in for the next few days. First time getting up to the potty in the night, I broke out in a sweat and thought I was going to pass out! Hubby waited on me sleeping in the recliner next to me (and saying is this how it's going to be when we're old?). The first days are a blur of trying to eat, take meds, and getting up to bathroom. Yesterday 2/6, was my post-op appointment and everything was good. My drains are hardly putting anything out and I could have had them out tomorrow, but we had to drive back home 4 hrs. away so hubby could work. Dr. G didn't want to take them out right then in case fluid starts building up as I get more active, so scheduled for Friday.

First shower last night-almost threw up. Wow, was not expecting it to be that hard. Slept in my own bed-ahhh! I'm alone today to take care of myself so this should be interesting. Also, forgot to mention in surgery Dr. G found an area of muscle that needed to be closed so he just did it-thank you, thank you! I left size up to him with the knowledge I didn't want huge boobies...just filling out what skin needed to be perky, cute boobs like they used to be. He went with 215 cc's in each. I'm swollen, but love love it. I also have a verticle incision from old belly button because the skin was so damaged.

I almost chickened out on the breasts-hubby was extremely hostile with me prior to surgery and finally told me yesterday that he felt like this was the beginning of the end of our marriage-I don't know what more I can say to make him realize I'm not going anywhere just because I had this done--I'm still ME!! Days have been interesting, to say the least.

One week p.o. I feel pretty good today. I'll feel...

One week p.o. I feel pretty good today. I'll feel even better tomorrow when I get drains out!! The band across my chest pushing boobs down is really bugging me but i guess I have to put up with it for two more weeks. Will try to get some pics up soon.

Got my drains out Friday 2/10 (day 8) it burned a...

Got my drains out Friday 2/10 (day 8) it burned a little and dr had to clean out my bbutton-EWWW! I'm one of those that doesn't touch the bellybutton--it weirds me out for some reason! The next day before driving back home (4 hrs.) we did a little shopping-wore me out. Back home hubby weirding out on me again--finally admitted that he still doesn't know what to do with his feelings of me doing this ?? TOO LATE!! So on top of me trying to breathe, not hurt, walk without stooping, not be constipated, worry about house...I still have to put up with THAT!! GRRRR!! Counselling session coming up soon! I'm very swollen, bellybutton looks red, and swelling on breast bone. Garments are killing me-I can't breathe! Posted pics-yuk I am depressed.

I couldn't take it any more...I went to that pink...

I couldn't take it any more...I went to that pink store and had me measured! They tell me I'm a 32c but the bra I tried on (no underwire) felt loose. I really want to be a small c and hope I'm not going to be let down if there's still swelling. They haven't changed much this week. Anyone else have any input at being 16 days post-op size wise?

Swell Hell! Uggg! I'm trying to see if not...

Swell Hell! Uggg! I'm trying to see if not wearing compression makes any difference. I went without it yesterday because I had to leave the house and left it off all night--finally got quality sleep!! This morning I am wayyyy less swollen. Tomorrow we leave to make 4 hr drive to get bellybutton stitches out. Should be an interesting trip after counselling session yesterday.

Experiment with leaving garment didn't...

Experiment with leaving garment didn't work-painfully swollen. Garment back on. Got bb stitches out--love my cute little innie! I got to see my incision for the first time without any tape-wow! Thin and didn't look red at all! They put tape back on for another two weeks and then I use silicone tape for a few months after to get the best scar results. I have to go back in 3 weeks so breast can be evaluated. Hubby being Jekyl/Hyde! I'm sick of rollercoaster! I have to find out my work schedule today-I'm so not ready to be on my feet and running from one end of the warehouse to the other! I have nothing to wear and I'm depressed.

Today is 4 weeks. I'm still dealing with swelling...

Today is 4 weeks. I'm still dealing with swelling and now back to work. Yesterday worked 6 hours and had to unbutton pants on drive home. I fit into my Levis, but the pressure of swelling is just uncomfortable to deal with when I have to answer members questions walking from area to area in warehouse. My breasts kind of had a burning feeling from using my arms so much-don't know if that's good. Today I have an 8 hour shift, Lord help me.

Tried to update and add pics and it was deleted! ...

Tried to update and add pics and it was deleted! Here goes again: 1st week completed back at work--brutal! Not telling anyone what I did and trying to do my usual job's getting difficult. So far nobody's noticed. I'm feeling more like myself and fit into Levis, but thankfully, jacket covers swelling at end of shift. Swelling is above bellybutton and it's kinda droopy on right side...trying not to judge yet. It also seems like skin isn't as tight as it could be? I will be devastated if after all this pain, cost and conflict with hubby that I don't end up completely happy. I will just have to live with it, because I will get that big "I TOLD YOU SO". Hubby did, however, behave himself this weekend ;)

Today I woke up super flat--man this back and...

Today I woke up super flat--man this back and forth is killing me. I wish I could see final result and stop freaking that I'll still have loose skin after all this. I meant to put on my new pics that the red around bb is from bandaid that pulled off my skin--nothing to do with surgery. Hubby is in his private counselling session as I write this...should be an interesting day.

Today is 6 wks-woohoo! I've had a lot of hours at...

Today is 6 wks-woohoo! I've had a lot of hours at work and 8 hr shifts that my body doesn't really seem ready for, but I can't help it. I have the same amount of swelling with/without garment. Making the trip to Seattle tomorrow for checkup so we'll see what he says. I'm dying to get out in my flowerbeds and get them cleaned out! I have bulbs coming up everywhere and need to do pruning (I know that's probably a no-no)! On the hubby front: He brought me my favorite dinner to work last night-fish tacos-and we ate out in the truck so I could get away from the loonie bin. Then he tells me we have somewhere we have to be Saturday morning at 10 and to wear jeans, long sleeves, comfortable shoes...and hair in a ponytail. Hmmm!!

Check up went well: I can shop for bra (which I...

Check up went well: I can shop for bra (which I did at VS 32C-yay!) I want to burn the surgery one, but find myself still sleeping in it. I don't need to wear garment anymore if I don't want, as Dr G said if it's not helping with swell, don't bother. I'm cleared to do most activities with exception of no ab work for 2 more weeks and no pec work for another month--which means no pruning of the shrubs/trees-grrr! Regarding the BB, he did agree that I have a little loosening of the skin above and we will eval in 6 months. I'm to keep taping all incisions with silicone for another 5 months :( I don't like it, but I will. I finally had the nerve to take pillow out from under knees and sleep on side with my little memory foam wedge like normal and AWWWWW--great sleep for me!

On the surprise front: hubby drove us to a shop that blows glass and we had a 2 hr class on making glass beads! Ponytail was so I wouldn't torch my hair off! It was so much fun and I was kinda afraid of the flame but would love to do it again. He was a pro at it because he welds, but my beads turned out pretty cool with the color combo I used--could be another addictive hobby!! We had to wait about an hour for them to aneal in the kiln so went across the street to German pub-was excellent! Major points to him :-)

8 weeks post-op! Well, let's see what's new (or...

8 weeks post-op! Well, let's see what's new (or not new)...still have swelling above and below bb; still concerned about droop of bb (will be evaluated at 6 mo checkup); still numb over most of tummy; still have sensitivity in nipples, although not as severe. For the most part, I'm not wearing garment because it seems like I swell equally with/without it. I'm in a funk and not able to get out for some reason--I'm attributing most of it to my job, but also a little let down at appearance of tummy. I still have loose skin when I bend over or sitting that I don't like. I'm not formally working out, but started my spring yard clean-up which is more than a workout and I'm sooo sore! Holy cow! I was trying not to use tummy muscles yet or pecs so my butt and thighs are screaming at me! I still have to wait another 2 weeks before being clearing for pec use. Hubby has been treating me fine--he's getting house projects done that I've wanted for years! I've told him we need a vaca just us and I'm told if I can get tax refund for us to book it! Well, I'm not a miracle worker because usually we end up paying! I guess we'll see. Hope everyone is doing well!

13 weeks! Not a lot of change body-wise. Tummy...

13 weeks! Not a lot of change body-wise. Tummy still numb and swelling. I wake up mostly flat and get a glimps of what I may be, but then I have a ridge that swells above my bb and down. Doesn't affect how my clothes fit or anything, but annoying all the same. Still waiting to see if skin above bb changes, because right now it still is droopy-not thrilled with that. Boobies are great-finally stopping the extreme nipple sensation/pain if-ahem-touched. I haven't been on here much because I finally took the big leap and created an Etsy website for my jewelry that I create--so between that and my other real job, family, house, yard, pool....not a lot of time. I haven't been getting email updates of those I've convo'd with--hope you are all well! And Happy Mother's Day to all!!

I'm changing my view of "worth it" to "not sure". ...

I'm changing my view of "worth it" to "not sure". I had my 6 month checkup and am left with a feeling I can't put into words. My skin loosened back up and I have a droopy bellybutton. I am told I can opt for a revision, but this will leave me with another vertical incision above the existing vertical - no thank you. I guess I had too high of expectations and will live with my outcome. I still am self conscious when I have my arms above my head working out, like I don't want to show my tummy. I'm hoping that it maybe still has more healing to do and swelling above bb will go down and make it appear different than it does now. This all sounds like Debbie Downer, but I can't go through that all again and the amount of money that was spent is still hard to think about. Will post new pics in a couple of days.

Six months! New pics tried to show the BB droop...

Six months! New pics tried to show the BB droop and swelling. Scar is fading nicely. Tummy numbness driving me crazy is something I had not prepared for--longing for the normal feel of my tummy and flatness that I used to have without the loose skin. I still have quite a bit of loose skin when bending over or sitting, but not to the extent of before. Love the boobs, but gotta say I do wish I would have gone a little bigger--not a lot, but just a little. My future goals would be just to enjoy life and strengthen up my abs more now that I'm not worried about screwing something up!! LOL
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I can't say enough about Dr. G and staff - Leslie & Tina. When it came to The Day, they could not have been more helpful and comforting. I would highly recommend Dr. G for any procedure. He is kind, caring, meticulous - taking your wishes and giving you the absolute best result possible!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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I came out of surgery with only gauzes and micropore tape on my incisions. My PS didn't use any sort of compression garment or binder which spoiled me and now I can't even get myself to wear spanx. I slept with spanx on for one night and that was it. On monday I will see my PS for 3weeks PO and I will ask him about silicone strips.
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sister, what did your PS say about your BB drooping? Do u think u still have some extra skin when you bend over is due to your PS not removing enough skin during surgery? I worry that my PS didn't remove enough skin on me but i hope I'm wrong and its due to swelling.
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I replied on your blog...but forgot to ask if you are doing any scar treatment yet? My PS had me use silicone tape for 6 months. I would say it helped vertical stay as smooth as could be. At one point it seemed to be pulling in and that worried me so I slapped the tape back on. Now I figure it is what it is and nothing I do will change it or make it worse. I am very happy with natural look of breasts. They feel real and soft and are very small but filled out all the exta skin I was left with after nursing for 3 years of my life :) I went from a heavily padded 34A to 32C.
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sister, thanks for getting back to me. It is really nice to know that there are ppl out there with similar results/problems. you were in really good shape pre op and you really didn't have that much skin to remove. your old BB scar is higher than mine but at least it looks like a vertical scar. At 3weeks PO my vertical scar still looks like a second BB. My kids keep saying mommy u have two BB!
I can see that u are still swollen at your 6 months pictures but other than that u look amazing esp your breast-they look very natural and the incision is very nice. When u sit down do u have rolls on your abdominal area? If u see my sitting down picture i have rolls and its so nasty.
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I am not sure that feeling is ever restored, ladies. The nurse in my Dr.'s office had her tt 3 years ago and still has no feeling at all. She does not expect it to return. Could be a blessing, though. I have some feeling about 2" around the incision and I have full, ultra, feeling in the breasts and they hurt and itch...sooo glad my tummy does't feel like that"
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I didn't realize how long or permanent this feeling is. The bad thing about it is I keep running my tummy into things because I can't feel how close I am to something! And my sister was sitting around a campfire and a spark spit on her and burned through her jeans into her tummy and she didn't feel it--only smelled that her jeans were burning! Now that's scary!!
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You look great. I am curious about your loose skin as my skin/muscle above my bb actually protrudes out and has since the beginning. I asked the PS if it would go away and he said "Maybe. Maybe not. :)" It doesn't look bad, Just not the typical muscle pattern I see on other people's stomachs. Glad to hear you are doing well and focusing on your life. BTW, my numbness drives me crazy too. Can't wait for more feeling to return. Take care. :)
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Thanks Betty! Glad you're doing well-your last photos look great and you can barely see your vertical. There have been a few mornings when the droop/swell above my bb is not as bad--hoping this gets better with time.
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Hi betty, I just saw your pictures and you look really good! Your vertical scar/old BB isn't bad at all. I would be really happy if my old BB scar looks like that at the final result. At 3weeks PO my vertical scar/old BB still looks wrinkle and puffy. It doesn't look like a vertical scar more like a second BB. I just hope it will stretch out and look more straight and flat.
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I think you look really good! The overall body shape evolves over time. Your scars are wowee nice! Mine are still pretty red at 7 months and so itchy! Clothes cover the scars, though, and isn't it nice to wear clothes that look nice on your "refreshed" figure?
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Mothera8: Thanks-hoping tummy settles back down soon and I know my scars look pretty good, but the loose skin in still an issue even in clothes. I'm still self-conscious about my shirts coming up and when bent over, it's still not the greatest view.
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That would be so disappointing! I think we all have little "issues" with our surgery and am resolved to appreciate the overall improvements! Work on what you can and try to stand back from the mirror a bit and let yourself smile. You really do look great! Though there has been some long days, the 7 months post op has flown by! The changes that I have experienced have inspired one of my friends to set some dates to have her own done! My confidence has grown and so will yours. Xoxo
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I think you look fantastic!

I'm glad your hubby's came around. Mine is kinda being that way. My surgery is in December and the last couple of weeks since we agreed to do this, I've been obsessing Lol. I guess he started getting annoyed and took the uninterested, "one word reply" stance with me. Finally I asked WTH is going on. He admitted he was afraid I would leave when I got my tummy fixed. I guess these fellas have a hard time with this kinda thing. I honestly believe they do love us for who we are. He said he doesnt mind my body and the scars because they are the result of carrying and nurturing them in my tummy..

I hope things are still good. Best wishes to you!
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Texas: seems to be very common that husbands are insecure about this surgery. Mine finally accepted because he knew when push came to shove he didn't have a choice--my body, my choice. That's why with what all I went through and to not be totally happy is so frustrating because I'm waiting for the "I told you so" factor to kick in. Waiting for your surgery will be the hardest part for you--good luck in your journey!
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Sorry to hear about your situation. Hang in there. Give it some more time. I think your after shots look much better than before. So there has been an improvement. Enjoy your summer :-)
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Thanks SpecialKay--trying to be positive, but really hard when I see pics of tummys that didn't look as bad as mine (loose skin) and they have no vertical and are completely flat. I know--I'm too hard on myself, but grrr with all the grief I got from my husband I don't think this has been worth it except for the boobs :)
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Thanks for your comment on my post, it led me to your story! I love your pics, and you journal of the journey. I hope you are pleased with your results after all is said and done. :)
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OMG, I just read through some of your posts and other posts and I thought I was the only one with loose skin. I have been stalking everyone's page to find out if I was the only one with saggy skin after their TT. I am only 7 weeks into the healing process and too have seen soo many changes. My ps doesn't seem too worried about the skin so we will wait and see what it looks like once the healing process is complete. Good luck everyone!
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Your results look amazing!
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Hey sister....just a question...I went shopping yesterday and was trying on clothes and I do still feel I have rolls when I sit..pyou said you had a similar feeling. Do you think it's swelling for you? I can't tell, I'm sure alot of it for me is not working out yet, but I really expected to love everything I tried on and that wasn't the case:( feeling a little bummed. Anyway just thought I'd check in and see how you were and what your extra skin problem was about? Thanks and hope you are well:)
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Redhot I'm not quite sure if it's all swelling because i for sure have painful swelling at end of my shift but when i wake up in morning and tummy is flat, i have loose skin. Like i've stretched it out again. Grrr!
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Funny...I had the thought this week while shopping for clothing that it is almost as challenging to find something in a size 4 as it was in a 10-12... then I thought...who am I kidding? I love being this size at my age!! Not perfect but soo much better than before. :-). ps, the swelling comes and goes
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I too have a little swelling abovemy BB but it really does get better every week. I am on week 12 now and I think I feel the last week has been the BIGGEST weekly difference. I do still wear a garment I got from the store. not the one from the Doc.. but I HOPE you do continue to keep us updated. and I hope we can be here for you.
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Sister- I feel like I could have written your update....I'm only at 4 weeks now but I've been in a funk also. I was crying to my mom about the skin or rolls I still have and my BB has a droopy flap of skin on top! Still trying to be patient, but I'm sorry you aren't feeling 100%:( I sure hope you and hubby can make it work to get away, I'm sure that would help also! You do look wonderful but I know how you feel.....maybe try to look back at old pics ...that's what I try to do....even though I still get bummed at my results I sure wouldn't want to go back to pre surgery body! Hugs!
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It helps so much to know you're not alone in this crazy healing process! I am trying to be patient about swelling and judging results, but guilt at what this cost and not being totally happy is getting to me along with my job that I'm about ready to give notice to. Extra $$ is nice, but my job is hurting my body and sucking my happiness right out of me and that is the one thing I can rectify. Your most recent pic looks absolutely fabulous! It doesn't look like you have much swelling and I don't see the loose skin...maybe when you sit or bend over like what I see. I guess I had too high expectations that that hangy skin would never taunt me again. Dang bad skin genetics! As I stated to Megan above, I still will be in a two piece no matter what!
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