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Extreme Teeth Whitening - Combo of In-office and At-home Treatments

I had tried many methods to get my teeth white. ...

I had tried many methods to get my teeth white. While some products did work, they did NOT get my teeth as white as I wanted. I wanted them WHITE!

My Dr used a combination of products and methods, both IN office and take home methods. When all was said and done, my teeth got whiter than ANY of my friends and it has lasted for over 4 years!

There was SOME sensitivity, but Dr T was able to manage it, so there wasn't really much.

Seattle Cosmetic Dentist

My Dr knows cosmetic dentistry better than anyone I have met. He shares how he stays current with continuing education and he even teaches OTHER dentists on how to do things. He is TRULY an expert!

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thank you for the information :)
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WOW, your teeth look great! Can you please tell me what they used in-office and what you used at home? I'm currently doing Invisalign for crookedness but I want to treat myself to whitening afterward. Any info is much appreciated! Thank you :)
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