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So Dissapointed with Perlane Under Eyes - Want my Old Eyes Back

I wanted to look more rested by filling in the...

I wanted to look more rested by filling in the area under my eyes. My skin seemed saggy and my doctor said that injectable fillers could really make a difference. I hadn't read all the reviews that Restylane was a better choice, wish I had. I liked that my doctor insisted on two appointments to do a little at a time with two weeks in between to ensure swelling was gone.

After the first injections, I thought it looked better, but just a few little areas needing touch up. I had bruised but in a week it was pretty much gone. After the second appointment 7 days ago there was no bruising and it looked great right after the appointment and for about 24 hours later. Then suddenly I noticed that in certain lighting my eyes had dark, uneven wormy pouches along the bone under my eyes. I have since seen my doctor and she tells me that swelling can last up to a month, contrary to what I've read on here. My instinct tells me that it's not swelling but overfilling or clumping of product. I have tried massaging but it doesn't seem to help.

I wanted to look more rested but people say that I look more tired. I want my old eyes back but they say this product sometimes last a year or two. Doc says it will still smooth out and lumps/raised areas to come down over time. I don't know if I should try to have some product extracted or try hyaluronidase or do nothing at all. I wish I never would have gotten it done...or that she would have used restylane...or just quit after one set of injections. But I had no idea what to expect. It feels like these procedures are often rushed as though they are so simple and yet I had no idea what could happen. I believe in my doctor's procedures, just think this product wasn't a good choice for me.

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I would recommend my doctor from the standpoint that she is an excellent ob/gyn and is meticulous about doing things right, always does lots of researching and consulting with other doctors. I think sometimes the product just doesn't work for certain people. In the future, I just may resign to having no procedures done at all and just learn to accept myself the way I am. Just hope I don't have to wait too long to get my old look back.

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I'd only go to a doctor for cosmetic procedures to one who did them routinely and has been in business for Many years. My bosses have been in term practice since 1986. Anything else (like an Ob/gyn) would be foolish. =O
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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but from the picture you posted I think your eyes look really good. Thank you for the post I amd having perlane done tomorrow and am a little scared. I will see how it goes. Thank you for your post.
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This is way more hepflul than anything else I've looked at.

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I had a hylauronic product injected under my tear trough deep into the muscle with no problems. It seems as if your doctor injected too high and instead of giving a lift from below, it exaggerated it. Good thing it doesn't last long... you might like it better as it fades.
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You should read what I just posted on jaylyn2414's perlane review which is a similarly negative experience with filler in the tear trough area. That rippled look seems to be common and even I had a little of it when I used juvederm in my tear troughs before I had my blepharoplasties. If it is making you that unhappy I would consider getting it removed (I think you can get injected w some stuff that dissolves the filler). I love perlane in my nose bridge and nasiolabal folds and lips(I have photos on my review), it is a great product in the right places. Hope you can find something that works out for you!
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Also would recommending a facial plastic surgeon/specialist if you are not happy with your doctors injections!
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I think we are our worst critics. I have noticed a definite improvement with wrinkles, give it time the bumps with smooth out in time. I have tried restalyne, juvederm, juvederm ultra and perlane. Every person will take differently to each one. Only you will know which works best for you, Perlane is the thickest with bigger molecules and the dr feels it pretty much stays where she puts it, juvederm is thinner and tends to move and flow to other areas. I have had perlane under my eyes and the nasolabial folds and had it last for 2 years. don't give up!
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Hi Wens,

Thanks for the great advice and information. When did you have your procedure done? Would you mind posting a review? You have some much great information in your comment I believe it would be really helpful to our readers. Also posting pictures would be awesome, as it sounds like you are quite satisfied.

Thanks so much, and please keep me updated.


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I'm sorry this happened to you. As far as I know, Perlane has thicker particles and should not be used in the delicate area under the eyes. Restylane would be a better choice there. I can see some lumpiness under the eye on the left in the photo. I would certainly not be happy with that. I would wait a little longer and hope it smoothes out somewhat. Perlane lasts longer and because I have it in an area that moves a lot (the nasolabial lines), I hope it'll last 6-8 months. But under the eyes is pretty static and could well last much longer.
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