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After 2 Treatments I Have Already Lost 1 Inch- Washington, DC

All my fat is based in my thunder thighs and I...

All my fat is based in my thunder thighs and I have been skeptical about all of these treatments claiming to have fabulous results...I'm in marketing, so I write this stuff for a living. With swimsuit season coming up and having to be sedentary due to shoulder and heart surgery, I needed a jump start and I didn't want to go into another summer covering my saddle bags in pictures with my hand(see pic, this is my "cover it" pose).

I measured myself before on my own just in case the clinic wanted to claim differently. So after just 2 treatments, I already felt a difference and was curious. Wow, was I surprised and delighted. Yesterday I had my 3rd tx and have 6 left in the package. I look forward to seeing my final result!!!

BTW, I am doing thighs only, and they follow up the zerona with a deep tissue massage with the Vela and I'm NOT dieting, but have kept alcohol and caffeine out of my diet like recommended, except for one headache warding cup in the morning. I drink a LOT of water all day long. I have only had a chance to exercise once on the bike since I'm still recovering from the shoulder surgery, but will be doing more to help myself out. I don't see it as the panacea for my woes, but rather a kick start to what I need to get done on my own.


Question. I am about to start mine next week. I don't drink but I love diet soda which is no problem because I can drink caffeine free. My question is did they make you take specific vitamins for 1 month. Like niacin omega 3, ginkgo coloba and another one that starts with a c.
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My question is " did you have to take these vitamins and how many sessions did you go for? Thanks.
Can you show us after photos and update please!!!
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After many inquiries about my initial results I decided to update

My initial results were about all I got. I lost an inch off of each thigh(saddlebag), and weeks later, that area is still gone. I went to American Laser Center in Sterling, VA, but now realize that I should have also had the VelaSmooth in conjunction, but a full treatment set instead of just the 5 minute follow-up. I wished they would have explained that for my optimal results, I needed to do both. We've since moved and I'm seeking out quotes here in Texas for that Vela. The Zerona won't get rid of cellulite look/feel, but it did shrink the fat cells in the saddlebag area. It's not a miracle, but it worked for me. I didn't take any vitamin supplements or do any special diet except eliminate caffeine and alcohol from my diet...and drank tons of water. Good luck to all of you.


If you drink diet soda, it probably has aspartame or some other 'fake sugar'. These are not eliminated from out body. Instead, our body stores these little critters DIRECTLY into your FAT CELLS. The best thing you can do for your body is stop drinking diet soda. Next, the Curva won't help, and it costs about $50.00. Additionally, American Laser Skincare told me Cardio Kickboxing was a great activity-NO. Actually, optimum fat loss occurs at a much lower heart rate for me. High impact cardio is actually great for my heart but better utlitized for those who are already in shape trying to lose the stubborn last 10 lbs. I recommend you spend the money on a great personal trainer, and change the way you see food.
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