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I just had my lips done with Juviderm four days...

I just had my lips done with Juviderm four days and my upper lip looks bigger. I am not happy with it. Is there anything I can do to remove some of it.

I like the bottom lip but not my upper lip. I wanted to do it because my lips were slighthy small. I wanted to make my lower lip a bit fuller but it turn out to be the upper.


First of all, there is typically some swelling after a Juvederm injection. This tends to settle down within a few days, but in some cases the swelling is noticable for over a week. Second, in some cases, more swelling occurs due to concurrent bruising -- in this case, the swelling will not fully resolve until after the bruise has absorbed. The application of ice packs immediately after the injection can help reduce bruising and swelling, but after a few days, ice packs are unlikely to make any difference. Next, as you are probably aware, Juvederm is a temporary filler... Although there are reports of this filler lasting over 6 months, it is more realistic to expect that a significant amount of the injection will be absorbed over the next several months. If you find that your lip is still too large after waiting a couple of weeks, there are a couple of different things you can do to reduce the amount of Juvederm more quickly. 1. You can massage the upper lip...firm massage can help your body breakdown and absorb the Juvederm more quickly. Be careful not to massage too aggressively, or you will cause new swelling. 2. It is possible to "remove" some of the Juvederm. This is done by having an injection of hyaluronidase -- this enzyme will actually dissolve some of the Juvederm. Good Luck!
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