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I spent notable money (in the many thousands) on...

I spent notable money (in the many thousands) on two treatments to lift my brow and tighten skin around my eyes. Total waste of money. I saw absolutely zero results after the first treatment (at month three, post treatment), but threw down another few thousand in hopes a second treatment would work... The doc said it might work and I did NOT want surgery. So I gave it a shot. ARGH!! NOTHING. Maybe it works on necks but it did absolutely NOTHING for the brow and eyes. Be warned... I'm kicking myself for wasting so much of my hard earned money. Total joke.


Hello; you did not mention the time between treatment one and two; when I researched, I was told at least one year. I had good results 2 years ago but would not have gone back for a second round without unless the Dr. offered an extreme discount (some do as I was told about 20% of people need a second round). More recently a couple of Drs. have said they viewed it as an ongoing maintenance treatment IF there was very good results at the beginning (so establishing some what of a holding pattern - until eventually a FL - for some of us :)
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I spoke with three diff't docs to get price quotes and to ask about the second procedure if needed. Regarding the latter, each doc told me to wait three months... in other words, that each procedure requires two to three months before results are demonstrated. They also noted that there could be minor improvement between month three and six post procedure. At most, the procedure lasts one year from first treatment. All of this was echoed by Ultherapy (the company)... you can review their website. Regardless, I think there are two major problems with Ultherapy. First, the price for questionable results. Docs want $1,500-$4,000 for a single procedure that you might have to do twice and only lasts a year?! A brow lift is not much more than an ultherapy treatment above and around the eyes, and is certainly cheaper when compared to a second Ultherapy treatment. With a brow lift, results are unquestionable; Ultherapy is a complete gamble. Certainly, the risks of a botched brow lift are higher than botched Ultherapy, though both can be horrific. I decided to gamble on Ultherapy out of a fear of surgery / complications... and I lost. The second problem with Ultherapy... unreliable. As I've since discovered, it works only on some people, some of the time. Those it helps are predominately those with neck treatments and folks above the age of late 40s. The science behind Ultherapy is sound -- no pun intended -- but there's clearly something wrong with the delivery mechanism (same story with other skin tightening procedures with even worse results, like Thermage). Maybe in X years, another company will come along with a more effective, cheaper approach. (Or at least more effective...)
Thanks for the additional information; I have not reviewed the mfg. info in over a year and realize prices vary widely. The reason I went back to the Boise Dr. I used for Thermage in 05 (very material improvement and lasted a few years), was because the cost was about $2,000 for full face (not above eye) and then he was willing to do a second treatment a year later at half cost if we felt it was warranted as his ratio was about 80/20%. I did go back for a second time primarily in hopes of additional side cheek tightening; there was some so for the price; not unhappy but would have been if I paid more. The first procedure resulted in overall laxidy reduction, filled in the hollows under my eyes above cheeks (I don't have any issues below my eyes - lids however are held up by Botox : ) and ironically, most of the roseacea on my cheeks was eliminated (definitely not marketed for this - mine is the tiny red vein webs not acne). The procedure would have been about $3,500 in Portland, OR with only a 10% discount for a second visit; why I drove over to Boise. At this point my next stop in the next year or two probably is a partial FL on lower part of face :(
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