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I'm 40 yrs old, mother of 2, and my abdomen...

I'm 40 yrs old, mother of 2, and my abdomen was my weakess point. Exercice and diet were not enough. After weeks of research I decided to get a slim lipo.

I just got my slim lipo procedure, 24 h ago. I feel extremely good. The result is even better than what I expected (24 h after). I don't have pain, don't take any pain killed. I started arnica 24 h before the surgery, and today my skin is not so blue. I'm extremely please. I can not believe how good my skin look today. My belly was very fat. I was scared of how the skin would look like after, and it's just unbelievable, my skin is tight again.

Before going to this doctor. I went to a Med Spa. It was a nightmare there, they didn't look at me like I wanted too. They talked more about side affect than the benefit of the procedure. They asked me to sign paper even before me deciding anything. And of course they gave me a 'great deal' good for few days only, so pressure pressure. No thank you. Please dont go there.

Natalie-Eva, can you post some pics? I'm having slim lipo on abdomen and inner thighs on Wednesday.
I am considering this procedure, and i was wondering which doctor you used. Also, do you have any before/after pics? Thanks!

Welcome to RealSelf, Natalie-Eva. Your initial results look great.


Photo Update

Your result looks great. Can u post the doctor or telephone #. Thanks
Your results look great. Can u post the doctor or telephone #. Thanks
You look great!!! How many cc's did they take out? I go for my week check-up 2morrow, & I feel & look great just like you!!
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My doctor understood my need. He has a good expertise in Slim lipo. He didn't push for any more procedure. He was very clear, professional and precise. I really really like this practice (Doctor and assistants}.

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