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Hi everyone! I found this community during my...

Hi everyone! I found this community during my search for rhinoplasty surgeons around the area. I've always disliked my nose from the side. From the front I love it, but the profile has a bump and seems to project too far out from my face. I was hoping to get some advice from people who had or have this type of nose, what did your surgery entail / what will it entail? All advice is welcome, also please let me know if you have any surgeon recommendations (or ones to stay away from) in the DC area. Thanks!

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Scheduled my first consultation for April 1st!

Scheduled my first consultation for April 1st!


I'm so glad you started your story on RealSelf! You can use this space to blog about your process and give us updates. You can also post photos if you feel comfortable doing that, which will definitely enable us to give you better feedback.

Here's a list of doctors in the DC area who do rhinoplasties.

And here's what doctors say about choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

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Thank you! I'll post pictures when I can figure out how to edit my eyes out, no luck yet!
If you have an iphone you can get this free paint app called art studio light. you can import your picture and black or blur out your eyes with the paint tool. Thats what I did. Then they import right back into your photo library
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