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I had .5 of restylane injected under each eye...

I had .5 of restylane injected under each eye about 5 days ago but the depressions are still there and they both still look hollow and purple/red underneath which has always been a problem for me. Do you think my doctor didn't put enough filler or do you think I need IPL or another treatment to treat the purple/red color? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

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My doctor is great but this isn't the result I anticipated.

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Try a different plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience injecting under the eyes.
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Thanks, will do. Also, I asked the question a few days ago and it hasn't been posted. Do you know when it will get posted?
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Just checked & it looks like you have received 3 answers. Assuming it just took a little longer due to the extended weekend. I hope the info the doctors shared was helpful to you. :)

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Sorry to hear you aren't loving the results. I saw that you submitted this question in the Q&A section, and I'm really glad you did so you can hear the opinions of the board certified doctors who volunteer on here.

I have considered doing a filler under the eyes but from what I understand it can be really tricky to get right since the skin is so thin there.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing & what you decide to do.

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