Necrosis Connected to Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant in 1980. I have noticed it...

I had a chin implant in 1980. I have noticed it has shifted and I have some pain in the area. Now I am going through a jaw bone necrosis condition that seems to be mystery to all doctors and dentists that have seen me. I am wondering if there could be any connection between the two.

Could jaw bone necrosis be caused from a chin implant done 30 years ago? Does an implant need to replaced after a certain amount of time or even checked?
Necrosis? Certainly bone loss has been documented beneath silicone chin implants. Studies have shown bone loss or 'bone resorption' most often occurs beneath unstable or 'shifting' implants and particularly when they are placed high, or displace superiorly, to the softer bone towards the tooth roots. Curiously, studies have shown bone loss is LESS likely when the implant is fixed tight and firm over the bone. So its not the 'pressing' upon the bone, but rather the 'micromovement' over the bone that apparently causes the bone loss. I've seen xrays of this bone loss in the medical literature and it can be substantial. It can even undermine the tooth roots and cause big dental problems. Its important that chin implants are firmly fixed in place. Drilled and screwed is probably best. Has anyone done an xray to see how the implant is sitting and the state of the bone beneath it? You should consult an expert in chin surgery - someone who is knowledgeable of bone resorption beneath silicone chin implants, and can tell you if this is a factor in your case.
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