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I hard it done yesterday. YOWZA. I had my belly...

I hard it done yesterday. YOWZA. I had my belly and flanks done. At times it was so painful I repeatedly dropped the F-Bomb on the tech doing it. After the belly I told the tech I would come back another time for the planks. I was then given a bit of a break and agreed to "try" the planks. It was also very painful...ever after the tech lowered the "juice." I went home after the procedure, changed into very loose clothing with no underwear and went to bed. It was very difficult to sleep...hard to find a comfortable position. My belly is very swollen and sore to the touch. I reluctantly went to work today but it was very tolerable. I hope to get a good sleep tonight. If I didn't do the planks yesterday, would I go back? Absolutely not. I'm hoping it was worth it in the long run, but OMG.

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Too early to give a rating...but it was very painful at times. So much so I was in tears at points during the procedure.

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any luck? Which office did you go to - I am looking in DC too
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Hi Kirsty. No visible results yet and my stomach is still sore to the touch.
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Hi Belleybelle, how are you feeling now? It's been about a month.
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Hey Belleybelle, Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. How are you feeling now it's been a week since your procedure? Are you seeing any results yet?

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HI Kirsty. My belly is still swollen and sore to the touch. Also lots of bruising. No visible results yet...I was told not to expect anything for 8-10 weeks. Thanks.
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