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A good friend was visiting a few months ago and I...

A good friend was visiting a few months ago and I noticed how long and lush her eyelashes were. She volunteered that she used Latisse to combat her previously short, sparse lashes. My lashes were also short and sparse. They've never been great, but as I've gotten older, they seemed very sparse and short.

I immediately reached out to my doctor for a prescription. Been using it for about 2-3 months now and my lashes are considerably longer, although they haven't filled in much (at least that I can notice). Still, I think it's worth it and will continue to use it. Recommend it to anyone who has lived with short, sparse lashes.


Hi Beatrice, 

I'm surprised it hasn't filled in, but at least you have length and it doesn't sound like you are experiencing side effects which is good. 

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend!


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