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New Invisalign Patient -- Have Questions

I've only had my first tray in for a couple of...

I've only had my first tray in for a couple of days and so far it's fine, though still a little painful and I'm still having trouble removing the lower tray. I guess that will just get easier with time.

I know, of course, that you can't eat with the trays in, but what about drinking coffee/soda, maybe even red wine. My ortho's assistant said I could drink coffee, but clearly the official stance is only water. I know the risk is staining my teeths or the trays but has anyone consumed coffee regularly with the trays in and if so, were your trays stained? Thanks very much!

with my first set of aligners, i drank pepsi with them in. i noticed a huge colour difference between them and my second set. I believe coffee and tea and red wine and pepsi will stain not only your trays, but your teeth too. I wont be drinking so much pepsi anymore. ^_^
if you drink coffee with sugar or anything with sugar, you must brush your teeth. if you put the invisaligns on without brusing, the sugar residue will give you cavities.
I"m wondering if besides the staining issue, a bigger concern would be the sugar exposure to the teeth under there? That is if the drinks have sugar in them? I'm on week 2 now and I just find the constant brushing at work a pain and my gums are somewhat store in places. I think invisalign seriously curbs your snacking and I am only 120lbs and thin lol. I have lost 3 lbs already and I don't need too.
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Actually I don't recommend or not recommend at this point. Too soon to tell.

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