Awful - Entire Jaw Structure Changed

Its arguable whether or not my teeth look...

Its arguable whether or not my teeth look straighter. An arch was formed with my teeth, but my entire jaw structure was changed. My mouth feels extremely wide, like it is being pulled open from both sides. My entire jaw structure and face structure has changed. I barely recognize myself. My jaws have popped and moved for years. My jaws overall hurts like crazy and my mouth just feels WEIRD.

Had I known my entire jaw structure would change I would have never done this. I should have just left everything alone. As my entire jaw structure and facial structure changed, so did the rest of my body. My back changed, hips changed, everything changed. It is a very very weird feeling. If you can stomach the changes then do it. For me, the changes have ruined my face completely.


Do you have any pictures of before and after? I am on my tray 8/22 but considering stopping because I hate my face. Used to love looking in the mirror, but now I hate. No doubt the teeth are becoming straighter, but my whole face looks weird and sunken and I have so many wrinkles now where I never had before-- of course we are all getting older, but the rate of these wrinkles is insane and I blame invisalign. Also hate my big jaw.
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I am sad (and little scared) to hear about your experience. I am considering getting Invisalign because my teeth have recently started to shift. My dentist has mentioned widening my smile/jaw with Invisalign. I have not thought about the related aesthetic changes to my appearance, other than my mouth. Can you let me know which dentist you went to?
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My doctor's solution to everything was to shave my teeth without even consenting me.

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