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Hello. I just had my breast reduction surgery on...

Hello. I just had my breast reduction surgery on Oct. 5th, and I am very happy! I stayed in the hospital overnight for observation for blood pressure issues, but I am doing just fine. Today my drains were removed and it wasn't painful at all. My next appt. will be the removal of my stitches around my nipples. This surgery was the best thing for me as far as the pain in my neck, shoulders, and more importantly my back. The great thing about my surgery was, I only had to pay $50 co-pay with insurance. My husband wasn't very happy, because what he is used to is no longer there. He'll get used to the new me, it's for the better, health wise. Can't wait to fully heal, so I can start my bra and shirt shopping. This has been a long time coming, finally relieved.

I am just coming back from my doctor's appt., in...

I am just coming back from my doctor's appt., in which my stitches around the nipple were removed. I must say that my breast are looking great. I am coming from a 42M all the way down to a 40DD. The way the doctor reconstructed my breast is amazing. The only problem is that, I may not have any sensational feeling in my nipples anymore and thats a bummer for my husband. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome!!
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Was referred to this doctor and come to find out he was the head of the plastic surgery department.

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Congratulations! Glad you had such a wonderful result! How much tissue did you have removed?
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Welcome to RealSelf:)

So happy to hear you did well and are feeling good.   Your hubby will be fine and adjust to the new you.   Once he sees how great you feel and how happy you are he will settle in.  

Keep us up to date on your healing process.  

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